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Hosted Exchange 2010

Blackberry 10 Is Here: New Platform, New Name, New Ambitions

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Citing Allison Boccamazzo, MobilityTechzone Web Editor, Guest post written by Rick White



Yep. You heard right, after all the buzz, predictions and analysis, it’s time for the heavy curtain to fall and  the new BlackBerry 10 to be revealed in all of its glory. What we originally thought would just be a new device reveal quickly became realized as a 100 percent transformation of not only RIM [or now, BlackBerry], but what the company promises will be a completely new mobile communications and computing experience as we know it.

Let’s cut straight to the chase, shall we? After a suspenseful countdown, relatively new Heins, joined by his 12,000 BlackBerry employees, counted down to the new BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 – both which feature new, simple, elegant and truly advanced features. Heins describes this as a “new day in the history of BlackBerry,” and he seems to be very right.

After some hard deliberation, CEO Thorsten Heins explained that they made “the tough call to do it alone,” meaning RIM had made the decision to build a new and secure operating platform from scratch. Even more, Heins proudly revealed that RIM is becoming BlackBerry. Yes, one brand and one promise under one new, unified name.

These phones promise the simplicity of having everything in one place, boasting a seamless integration from app to app and feature to feature. Heins assured that BlackBerry 10 will promise the hyper-connected social experience users crave and need in both their personal and professional lives. In other words, BlackBerry 10 will keep us moving in our rapidly evolving lives.

Its advanced new hub, flow and peek features truly ensure all of your activity and engagement in one single place and in real-time. While we’ll get into this in more detail in our further analysis, you can for example, while in your hub, with one single gesture and swipe of your thumb, pull the screen down to reveal what’s to come in your schedule. In other words, users can see both the present and future all in one place.

The BlackBerry Z10 boasts a beautiful display with a 4.2-inch screen, 356 PPI and that is clear, sharp and incredibly vivid to provide a truly cinematic experience. The back is also textured for increased ease and comfort. The browser is incredibly fast and intuitive, fast and elegant – all developed to integrate social communication.

The Q10, on the other hand, is the first BlackBerry smartphone to have a physical keyboard. Heins describes it as “the absolute best typing experience in the industry period.” It also boasts a thinner, lighter and stronger material than plastic.

For a firsthand look at the BlackBerry 10 and to hear from thought leaders in the industry on this and a number of other important topics be sure to head over to the Miami Convention center this week for ITEXPO. RIM will be in attendance to showcase the new BlackBerry 10 at the event. Also be sure to check back here for lots more analysis and information on this new release as it becomes available. We Practice What We Preach

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