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Webhosting. net’s SAN backup solutions provide you with secure and instant accessibility of your data, allowing your business to be managed smoothly and efficiently. Our SAN backup solutions are scalable to accommodate your growing network and save your company time, energy, and money.

Our SAN backup solutions not only offer you security and instant accessibility for your company’s data, but also our excellent network’s features and client support. You’ll have the flexibility to choose from customizable solutions with features suited for a range of network types. Also included in Webhosting. net’s SAN backup solutions is free access to our toll free, 24/7/365, live chat and email support.

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SAN backup MiamiSafe, secure, and accessible data

In order to fully understand the benefits of SAN backup solutions, it’s helpful to first understand little about how they work. A SAN – storage area network – is essentially system of devices connected to your computer system. These devices replicate your entire system’s collection of data and store it. This means that your data is safe, secure, and accessible.

Not all kinds of storage devices or systems can accomplish what SAN backups can. These solutions are unique in that their design (aka, their architecture) allows for an almost instant movement of data. Lots of other storage systems take a very long time to replicate and store your system’s data, whereas SANs are almost instant. This is why SAN backup solutions provide an immediate increase in efficiency.

scalable SAN backupFlexible and scalable

SAN backup solutions also offer your company ease of scalability. You don’t have to choose a certain amount of memory that you think your company will need, or have to worry about fitting in future growth. SAN backup solutions grow alongside your company – if you need more storage space, more devices are added. This simplicity offers your company great flexibility in storing data at the present and in the future.

SAN backup speedFrees and speeds up networks

Something that lots of people only realize when they start use SAN backup systems is how it frees and speeds up their network. We’ve all experienced the frustration of a slow running website—the same applies to a network. By utilizing a SAN backup solution, a greater number of users can access information without the network slowing down. This provides you with greater efficiency and ease of access.

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Protect against file loss and corruptionProtect against file loss and corruption

SAN backup solutions provide your business with a great deal of security regarding data. Backup solutions, at their essence, involve two steps: replication and archiving. This is just like copying a file onto your desktop: you need to copy and paste it to that location. So in order for your entire network’s data to be backed up, all data must be replicated and then archived in a safe location. Having a backup in place sounds good, but why? What does it really do?

The primary purpose of a SAN backup system is to protect against file loss and corruption. This sounds pretty simple, but consider this: how often do you receive an infected email? The fact is, is that data corruption is a lot more common that most people think. An infected file can be spread like wildfire, infecting computers as it travels through your network. Data corruption doesn’t just have to do with viruses and malware, but also with hardware failings. Sometimes, the physical machines, or parts of machines, break or malfunction. What happens to your data then? If you’re not prepared with a backup solution in place, you might be facing weeks of trying to get your files back, and for most businesses, this is not a viable option.

This is why SAN backup solutions are usually included in disaster recovery solutions—no matter the situation, your data will be retrievable and whole. Having a SAN back-up solution means that your network’s entire data collection can be copied and archived to a remote location. This is the utmost in data protection. SAN back-up solutions can cover the largest kind of data loss and corruption situations, such as having your computers stolen, damaged by natural disaster, or broken, all the way to a simple matter of a file being deleted and needing to be recovered.

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SAN Backup Features

Did you know that our SAN backup solutions are available for any type of network? From WANs (wide area networks), CANs (campus area networks), and LANs (local area networks), offers SAN backup solutions that fit your unique needs and situation.’s SAN backup solutions offer you stability and success. Our solutions are customizable to fit your unique needs and budget. Contact for more information, or for a consultation about SAN backup solutions.

How it Works

SAN stands for “storage area network” and is a system of interconnected storage devices that hold your company’s data. What’s incredibly useful about using a SAN backup solution is that your company’s data, from any computer in your network, is copied and saved. So no matter the situation, even if your office computers are stolen or damaged, your data remains safe and secure on your SAN backup system.

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