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Webhosting.net was founded in 1998 and over the last 18 years, we have hosted personal websites, small business sites and large corporate clients. Our customers have remained loyal for one reason – our exemplary customer service and the reliability of our web solutions.

Laura Bernheim


Webhosting.net has spent decades perfecting the art of serving SMBs and takes a consultative approach to customizing web hosting and technology solutions for customers.

Michele Canney


Businesses today depend on a dependable online presence. A website is a reflection of a company’s creativity and credibility.

Thanks to Webhosting.net, our sites are trouble free. Anton has been supportive, friendly, efficient and reasonably priced for the more than 10 years that we have worked together.

I would highly recommend Webhosting.net for any company that seeks dependability and friendly service.

Jill & Seymour Kantor


Webhosting.net has hosted our charitable foundation website for over 15 years. During this time they have been 100% reliable and we are continually impressed by their great customer support and immediate response to questions or problems.

Recently Amy at Webhosting.net redesigned our entire site. What a difference it has made! We are extremely happy with the new clean design, easy functionality and new capabilities. All this was done faster than we could keep up with our changes to content! Thank you to Webhosting.net.

Michael Dinkins 


The Webhosting.net guys are awesome. I had an issue with some settings within my cPanel that were affecting clients and I was able to reach a tech within minutes. No matter the time I have contacted them; they are always there to provide assistance.

These guys must have coffee running thru their veins!

http://www.incepator.ro/Marius Roibu


It started back in 2002 as a hobby project, the kind that nobody would/should care about, however it grew to 12k users and 250k page requests daily.

The annoying part of the requirements when I was looking for a hosting solution was the dependency of Microsoft technologies: classic asp, mdb at the beginning, later SQL Server. No affordable solutions found until I’ve met Webhosting.net. Their hosting plans were what I was looking for: affordable, the price was the one and only criteria I took into consideration.

As I said, the project started as a game, with few visitors among my family and my friends. Then I met webhosting.net scalability: requests grew from tens to thousands of users and hundreds of thousands of page requests daily without any problem or downtime. I was a rookie into a web venture but then I realized I partnered with the right entity.

I called their customer service several times, most of the time for non-critical reasons, mostly “how-to” inquiries. They manage to answer in less than 30 minutes. And bear in mind that due to the timezone difference my 4:00 PM is their 8:00 AM. They spent time assisting me, even when it wasn’t something from their end.

Speaking about customer service, I was impressed by the human touch. Let me explain: at the beginning, the payment was made via bank transfer, with about a 1 week delay. Three years in a row they took my word that the transfer was underway.

So after a decade of a continuous business relationship, it can be resumed at: reliability, scalability, customer support and last but not least, human touch.

Dave Cook


With my various businesses, I have worked with many great companies over the years, but I have to say I have honestly never worked with any other company that has come even close to the level of customer support that Webhosting.net provides. From the help of the sales staff answering my many questions when I was first looking into hosting services, to the top notch technical support I have received ever since, it is clear this is a company that takes great pride in making the customer its highest priority.

Whenever I have questions or need assistance with any issue, they are unbelievably quick to reply back with answers, and are willing to do whatever it takes to find solutions. Even over weekends and late night hours. I have had numerous occasions where I’ve had to work through some problems that had nothing directly to do with anything on their end, but they still took the time to work with me through every step of the process, including educating me with a lot of helpful information.

I can’t thank them enough for their patience and the prompt and courteous manner in which they’ve handled every issue I’ve ever needed their assistance with. Even taking the time to address little things, like making accommodations to change my billing cycle date to better fit my business structure is so appreciated.

Webhosting.net sets the bar high above what would be expected of any support staff!

get-rangerKane Cochran


Over the past 12 years, I’ve hosted my websites, large and small, with Webhosting.net. In the very beginning, I remember Anton responding to my support issues in real-time, often in the middle of the night. While they have grown considerably over the years, Anton and the entire Webhosting.net team, have continued to provide the same dedicated, attentive support and uptime that they always have.

Even though I’m not a large customer, when I’ve needed a library added to a server or configuration settings changed, they’ve always worked quickly to make it happen. There aren’t many companies I’ve remained loyal to for more than a decade. But I’ve never considered hosting my sites anywhere else and probably never will.

84444Bob Bentz


The primary thing that we want in a hosting company is reliability, especially when an e-commerce site such as our SMS marketing site is your lifeblood. Webhosting.net has provided that reliability to us for a decade and we have no reason to switch.

mdubMadeleine Dube


I own some websites just as a hobby, that I maintain during my free time. I have three websites hosted on Webhosting.net and I am not an expert in server technology and security.

The few times a year I have technical questions about my websites, I get answers very quickly and most of the times the issues are quickly resolved. Also, an issue about increased quota on one of my websites was promptly addressed by technical services with recommendations on how to increase security of the website. There was even follow-up by IT in the coming days: they were monitoring the traffic on my site to make sure the brute force attack activity had been stopped.

Really appreciated the vigilance.

Danny Garrido

DG Design Studios

I have been a client of webhosting.net for about 15 years. I do not need support often, but when I do they go above and beyond in providing tech support and offering solutions to resolve the issue. Sergei and Anton have been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Webhosting.net.

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