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Vmware hosting MiamiVMware Cloud Servers Overview

Make the jump to the cloud: it’s where innovation and efficiency meet. The technology that enables VMware cloud servers allows you to transition your network to the virtual realm. VMware cloud servers give you control all of your network resources from one place, letting you pool and automate your network into one easy-to-manage cloud. Join the multitude of businesses already benefiting from VMware cloud servers by contacting Webhosting.net.

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icon_cloudServer_100x100Virtualize your infrastructure

VMware cloud server technology is the ladder to bring your business to the Cloud. With virtualization comes simplicity, reliability, and ease of management. Once virtualized, you’ll find that many elements of your network can be automated, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business. You’ll also experience the ease of controlling all network resources from one access point. A VMware cloud server is your key to the world of virtualization.

why cloud technologyIs it right for me?

One of the questions that customers ask us is if their business would benefit from using cloud technology. The answer is simple: all businesses benefit! The advantages inherent to using VMware cloud servers are available to any size and any type of business. VMware cloud server technology is ideal for any business who wants to gain greater efficiency and simplicity in managing their IT network.

what is vmwareWhat is a VMware cloud server?

VMware is a shortened term for “virtual machine” software. VMware is built on the concepts of cloud computing and virtualization and works by unifying all of your network resources. A VMware cloud server merges your network into one shared virtual space—allowing for simple management, better network performance, and automated network responses. A VMware cloud server also enhances your network security and access, without sacrificing performance.

save money cloudReduce costs and increase efficiency

VMware cloud server solutions virtualize your network, offering you many advantages. VMware cloud servers allow you to reduce your costs by reducing energy consumption and requiring less hardware. Implementing VMware cloud servers also provide your business with a backup solution, part of any good disaster recovery plan. VMware cloud server solutions are scalable, consistent, and affordable – contact Webhosting.net today for more information on a VMware server solution.

vmware customizedCustomized Solutions

Webhosting.net knows that your business is unique and faces its own challenges. That’s why our VMware cloud server solutions are customized to fit your specific business needs, ensuring you success and efficiency. All of Webhosting.net’s VMware cloud server solutions use state-of-the-art network architecture and ensure 100% uptime. All of our VMware cloud server solutions include free access to our 24/7/365 live chat and email support.

Business Benefits:

VMware cloud servers let your business attain a new level of efficiency, agility, and reliability. Drive your business forward by implementing VMware cloud servers and be prepared to experience the following advantages:

Scalability: Using VMware servers let your network infrastructure be flexible, letting it grow alongside your business.
Disaster recovery: VMware servers allow you make quick backups of your entire network, ensuring that no matter what happens, your information remains available and secure.
Automated control: Implementation of VMware cloud servers lets you automate network resources, optimizing its performance and saving you time and money.
Affordable and cost effective: Using VMware cloud servers saves you money—services are on-demand and you only pay for what you use.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

icon_guarantee_50x50We back all of our award winning hosting solutions with a 30 day money back guarantee. Rest assured we work hard to provide you with exceptional performance and reliability that has become synonymous with Webhosting.net.


VMware Cloud Server Plans

Entry Level



1 Core Processor

1 GB RAM Memory

25 GB Disk Hard Drive

3,000 GB Bandwidth

Most Popular!




1 Core Processor

1 GB RAM Memory

100 GB Disk Hard Drive

3,000 GB Bandwidth

Small Biz



2 Core Processor

2 GB RAM Memory

100 GB Disk Hard Drive

5,000 GB Bandwidth




4 Core Processor

4 GB RAM Memory

100 GB Disk Hard Drive

5,000 GB Bandwidth




8 Core Processor

8 GB RAM Memory

100 GB Disk Hard Drive

5,000 GB Bandwidth


Why Cloud Hosting?

why cloud hostingWhy Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is ideal for companies who are looking for reliability, scalability and productivity within a secure environment. Cloud hosting offers a competitive advantage by empowering companies to fully manage their server platforms through an intuitive control panel to build and manage a professional enterprise-class presence on the Internet. Cloud technology is used by businesses of all sizes to deliver the latest applications; reach new customers and markets; and provide employees with tools to maximize productivity while reducing overall business costs.

cloud advantagesCloud Hosting Advantage

To be successful, companies must adapt to the challenges created by technological advancements such as: educated customers who demand the latest innovations and speedy implementation; expensive outdated equipment, licenses and processes that hinder the full capability of products and services; and the strain put on IT departments to keep up with company requests while using archaic resources. Cloud hosting gives companies the advantage by quickly eliminating these challenges, and freeing up time and money to reinvest in business growth.

cloud investmentInvesting in Cloud Technology

Companies spend big budgets each year on maintenance and upkeep of existing equipment. Imagine the advancement and growth that could be made if those budgets could instead be allocated to evolving products and services, seeking alternative markets and reaching new customers?

Webhosting.net enables companies to seamlessly move to the cloud where they can automate infrastructures and access data on-demand. IT departments benefit by centralizing and improving processes allowing them more time to focus on innovation.

Companies Who Use Cloud TechnologyCompanies Who Use Cloud Technology Speak Out

More and more companies are transitioning to the cloud for the flexibility to adapt to the constant changes in business environments. Cloud hosting makes it possible to access technology quickly and provide solutions that the they did not previously have to offer. Webhosting.net, an industry leader since 1998, absorbs the cost of ownership allowing companies to avoid the expense and strain of owning, storing and managing their hardware.

Companies who have switched to the cloud say flexibility, agility and cost savings are the most valuable benefits. The most common cloud services used are: hosted email exchange, webhosting services, data backup, disaster recovery and storage. The primary advice of companies who have switched to the cloud is to choose a trusted web hosting company who understands your company’s unique business needs and is fanatical with security measures.

vmware hosting MiamiVMware Cloud Solutions

Webhosting.net invests in the best cloud solution technology available, VMware, for our customers. Together Webhosting.net and VMware provide efficiency; agility and reliability while delivering the necessary tools to build, operate, and manage professional cloud platforms.

VMware delivers an elastic, intuitive Software-Defined Datacenter (SDD). Built on their proprietary foundation of vSphere virtualization, to automate all IT services and designed to be deployed quickly and seamlessly.

VMware’s VMware vSphere 5.1 Technical Specs:

OS Independence – No reliance on general purpose operating system
Advanced Memory Management – Ability to reclaim unused memory, de-duplicate memory pages, compress memory pages, swap to disk/SSD
Advanced CPU Management – Tuned to support Intel SMT hyper-threading; Supports 3D graphics accelerators
Advanced Storage Management – VMware vStorage VMFS
Virtual Security Technology – VMware vShield Endpoint Enables hypervisor level security introspection
Flexible Resource Allocation – Hot add VM vCPUs and memory, VMFS volume grow, hot extend virtual disks, hot add virtual disks
Simplified Patching – No unrelated patching; Image-based patching with rollback capabilities provide clean and simple host patching

Linux or Windows ServerTwo Easy Options to Transition your Company into The Cloud

Webhosting.net provides a virtual Linux™ or Windows™ Server 2012 infrastructure in a secure, fully managed server environment for companies to achieve a professional enterprise-class presence on the Web. For your satisfaction, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not content with our services.

There are two easy options to transition your company into our secure cloud. We offer free consultation and support from our team of experts, who will help create the ideal cloud hosting solution for your company’s specific needs. For companies that already know what they want, they can simply click below to sign-up online. In most cases the set-up is completed the same day as it was ordered.

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Software Licenses

Windows Server 2008 R2 Web Edition 32/64 bit - $15

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition 32/64 bit - $25

Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition 32/64 bit - $60

Cloud Colocation

1U Server with 1A Power + Power Control - $80/mo ($80 setup)

1U Server with 2A Power + Power Control - $160/mo ($160 setup)

2U Server with 2A Power + Power Control - $160/mo ($160 setup)


Additional Disk Space - $50

Managed Hosting - $50

Managed Backup - $1/GB

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Click here for information about Hybrid Cloud Hosting.