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VMware Virtual DesktopsVMware Virtual Desktops

VMware virtual desktop solutions provide a rich, centralized managing experience. Using VMware virtual desktop management enables you to simplify your entire network’s collection of desktops for ease of access, user freedom, and efficiency. VMware virtual desktop technology separates desktop environments from the physical computers, allowing you to manage all of your virtual desktops from one central access point. Contact for more information on a personalized VMware virtual desktop solution.

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VMware virtual desktopEasy management for a better desktop experience

Instead of applying changes to desktops one by one, try doing it through a VMware virtual desktop. You are provided with a single, powerful access point to administer all the desktops in your network. From this one vantage point, you can maintain your entire network, from applying patches and updates to policy and security provisioning. Contact to create your own VMware virtual desktop experience.

VMware virtual desktops MiamiVMware virtual desktops

What exactly is a virtual desktop? It is created when a computer desktop (the user interface that shows files and applications) is virtualized—all of the data, application, and software is now stored in the network cloud. VMware virtual desktop solutions virtualize your entire network’s collection of desktops, allowing for easy management and access. Virtual desktop management also allows users to access their desktops from anywhere, at anytime.

VMware virtual desktop solutionImproved system performance

A VMware virtual desktop solution increases your network’s power and efficiency. Virtual desktop infrastructure ensures that system resources are shared among users and available when needed. This on-demand resource sharing means that your desktops will not experience performance lag, letting you and your employees function at full capacity. User changes are saved when the user logs off, so your employees can still personalize their desktops for their own needs.

VMware desktopQuick and simple management

Using a VMware virtual desktop solution improves your network by providing a way to make system-wide changes efficiently. Since all of your network’s computers are managed from one access point, installing updates, software, malware protection, and applications can be done quickly and easily. You no longer have to install or make changes computer by computer—with a virtual desktop infrastructure in place, you only do it once.

Affordable VMware virtual desktopStreamlined setup

For most companies, their numerous desktops contain a mix-match of software, data, and needed-updates. This would normally require considerable time and costs to make all desktops consistent. With a VMware virtual desktop solution, it’s easy and cost-effective to create a uniform and updated network. From the VMware virtual desktop access point, all desktops can be made consistent, current, secure, and ready to use. Efficiency comes naturally with a VMware virtual desktop solution.

Business Benefits:

Having a VMware virtual desktop solution is your introduction to all the benefits that come with cloud computing. Advantages to using a VMware virtual desktop solution include the following:

Simplified management: When you use a VMware virtual desktop solution, all of the desktops in your network are virtualized. This allows for simple management of desktops, applications and data.
Increased value: VMware virtual desktop solutions ensure that no one desktop or session hogs resources. Virtual desktops are pooled together, allowing you to reduce your storage needs and deployment costs.
Business agility: VMware virtual desktop solutions are scalable, allowing them to be expanded to accommodate growth. This makes the solution highly responsive, adding to your productivity and efficiency.

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