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Dell EqualLogic Storage ReplicationDell EqualLogic Storage Replication

Dell EqualLogic provides customers with storage solutions that are fundamentally changing the way organizations think about managing their storage. Using Dell EqualLogic enables you to simplify the deployment and administration of consolidated storage environments, allowing you to manage all of your storage from a centralized system that is easy to monitor. Contact today for more information on how to obtain Dell EqualLogic software, giving you the power to be able to personalize your storage needs in a way unlike ever before.

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Diagram of Disaster Recovery Environment Options provides EqualLogic storage replication for offsite backup and disaster recovery. We leverage existing replication technology built in to Dell EqualLogic arrays to be able to store volume snap shots offsite and use them for disaster recovery into our VMware high availability infrastructure. In addition, we can integrate snap shot into VMware SRM to further enhance the Disaster Recovery Solution.

Disaster Recovery Environment Options

Pay As You GrowPay As You Grow

The EqualLogic PS Series builds on a unique peer-storage architecture that is designed to provide the ability to spread the load across multiple array members to provide a SAN solution that scales with the customer’s needs. This “pay as you grow” model, allows customers to add arrays as their business demands increase the need for more storage capacity or more I/O capacity.

Every EqualLogic array includes additional enterprise class features such as snapshots, clones, replication and all-inclusive software: Group Manager, SAN Headquarters (SANHQ) and Host Integration Toolkits. The built-in snapshot feature enables quick recovery of individual files, the clone feature provides recovery of files or volumes, and the replication feature allows the implementation of disaster recovery initiatives.

Replication and Disaster RecoveryReplication and Disaster Recovery

The EqualLogic software includes storage system-based replication. This feature allows to provide the ability to replicate data volumes to peer EqualLogic storage arrays situated in our locations without setting the volumes offline. Auto-replication provides a disaster-recovery option in case the original volume (or the entire EqualLogic group) is destroyed or otherwise becomes unavailable. Auto-replication is a point-in-time replication solution that offers extended-distance replication. EqualLogic auto-replication provides asynchronous, incremental data synchronization between primary and secondary replicas. Scheduled replication events update the remote copy of the data with all the changes that occurred on the primary copy since the last replication event occurred.

Easy to Implement and Cost SavingsEasy to Implement and Cost Savings

Customer using Equallogic arrays can easily replicate hardware based snap shots to our datacenter for offsite backup and disaster recovery without the expense of having to purchase, colocate, and manage a secondary PS array in a remote datacenter. Some key cost savings:

No secondary EqualLogic array
No colocation cost for secondary array
No Bandwidth contracts for secondary array
No Remote Hands for management of Secondary Array
No VMware, Hyper-V, Zen, or physical hardware assets need it to provide full Disaster Recovery
No VMware, Hyper-V or Windows licensing need it for secondary Site

VMware SRMVMware SRM’s comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solution as a Service (DRSA) allows an existing EqualLogic storage customer to replicate and integrate VMware SRM into our Cloud. With SRM, the customer is able to manage their disaster recovery scenario as well as have the option to automatically test disaster recovery scenario.

Business Benefits

Our EqualLogic Replication solution will bring cost savings to new and existing EqualLogic storage customers. Our sound solution includes:

Up to 70% cost savings over existing disaster recovery solutions
Highly redundant infrastructure footprint
Multiple datacenters
Certified SAE16 datacenters
Multi-carrier 10GB Internet and local network
14 year of hosting/cloud technology experience


Our service provides disaster recovery for customers who use EqualLogic for their infrastructure. We leverage existing embedded replication technology to transport the data via an internet tunnel or dedicated fiber line.


Our service can include SRM deployment to fully automate the disaster recovery scenario. We can also integrate with existing backups solutions such as Veeam, AppAssure, Commvault, and Microsoft Data Protection Manager DPM.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 day money backWe back all of our award winning hosting solutions with a 30 day money back guarantee. Rest assured we work hard to provide you with exceptional performance and reliability that has become synonymous with