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Nimble Storage ReplicationNimble Storage Replication

As the volume of data critical to the operation of your business continues to grow, Nimble storage replication allows you a flash-optimized hybrid storage system that is engineered to achieve maximum efficiency within your organization through the integration of high performance flash with the affordability of a high capacity hard disk drive. Nimble storage replication will store and protect critical applications utilized by your business such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL server, server virtualization, database, and virtual desktops (VDI).

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CASL Hybrid Storage ArchitectureCASL Hybrid Storage Architecture

Nimble storage replication is built around its patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout architecture, or otherwise known as CASL. Instead of the traditional approach of using flash as a tier, CASL leverages the lightning-fast random read performance of flash and the cost-effective capacity of hard disk drives. It also incorporates unique and innovative efficiency features such as inline variable-block compression, cloning and integrated snapshots; all contributing to storing data in far less space.

Nimble Storage BenefitsWhat are the benefits?

Nimble storage replication systems deliver an accelerated performance for higher throughput/IOPS and sub-millisecond latencies, a reduction of up to 75 percent in storage footprint, non-disruptive scaling to fit changing application needs through increased performance/capacity, maximized data and storage availability with an already integrated data protection and disaster recovery system, and above all else, reduced operational overhead.

easily implement offsite data replicationEasy to implement

Customers using Nimble storage replication service can easily implement offsite data replication and recovery without the expensive of having to purchase secondary arrays, without the complexity and higher cost of having to implement and manage a secondary data center. The setup is simple, and replication can be up and running within hours. It’s that easy.

Nimble snapshot backupsThe CS-Series arrays

Through the combination of primary and secondary storage into one, this eliminates the use of backup windows. We use snapshots where backups are instant. Compressed snapshots allows for a much faster and easier replication process. Since replication is made from primary to primary storage, it allows data to be immediately available following a disaster. An array combining SSD with SATA hard drives means disaster recovery is taken care of.

Nimble storage access data fasterAccess data faster than ever before

Tried and tested, our customers that utilize the Nimble storage replication system to access their data ten times faster than the average user. Furthermore, we cover five times more data than the industry average, allowing for an especially high standard of disaster recovery services. With a wide range of benefits, Nimble storage replication is no doubt what is best for your business when it comes to achieving a high performance standard.

VMware SRMComplete Automated Disaster Recovery with VMware SRM (Site Recovery Manager)’s comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solution as a Service (DRSA) allows an existing Nimble customer to replicate and Turn-On their Virtual infrastructure in our Cloud. Our DRSA solution enables Nimble Storage customers to have site redundancy in as long as it takes to replicate the data. It also eliminates the cost of purchasing physical hardware and costly data center colocation and bandwidth fees.

Learn more about VMware SRM.

Business Benefits

Nimble storage replication sets a standard that, until now, you couldn’t find anywhere. A business no longer needs to choose between a large capacity and a high performance – we offer the best of both worlds. Your business will be provided with the following advantages:

Customizable: Offering the latest in storage media technology, Nimble storage arrays come with a multitude of different features that one may use to consolidate and manage their critical application data.
High performance: Access data 10x faster than a user on the industry standard and enjoy the fastest service in the country.
Scalability: Avoid straining your storage environment by accommodating growth through the scaling of capacity, or performance, or both – efficiently and non-disruptively.
Support: All of’s Nimble storage replication solutions include free access to our toll free line, 24/7/365 live chat and email support.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 day money backWe back all of our award winning hosting solutions with a 30 day money back guarantee. Rest assured we work hard to provide you with exceptional performance and reliability that has become synonymous with



Required Components

Nimble Storage

Our service provides Disaster Recovery for customers who are using Nimble Storage for their environment. WebHosting.Net leverages Nimble’s volume replication technology to copy critical data to other Nimble arrays at different locations, enhancing the overall data recovery plan.


Bandwidth subscription is required with all replication Options. Depending on the customer needs you may want limit how much bandwidth is allowed when replicating.

Optional Components

Virtual Machine Subscription

Our service can include Virtual machines that will attach to the replicated volumes for data integrity confirmation.

Virtual Production Readiness

Our service can include a Mirror of all production servers, Virtual and Physical, to allow for a Fast Site Recovery.

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Diagram of Disaster Recovery Environment Options

Nimble Disaster Recovery Environment Options