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Why You Need Microsoft Exchange 2010 Migration

By September 2, 2013Hosted Exchange 2010

Still saving up the courage and/or money to finally upgrade that 2003 or 2007 Microsoft Outlook email system to something that is, well, more in line with the times? Stuck with an email server that you don’t really understand? Unsure what to do when a partner asks whether it is possible to integrate your Office 365 or IBM Lotus Notes system with their VMWare Zimbra? Do all of these questions bother you? Well, there is a reason for them – have you heard about free or nearly free services for Exchange 2010 migration currently on offer by

Sounds too good to be true, but here is the deal: is offering to complete your cloud-based email system Microsoft Exchange 2010 migration for free (or thereabouts). No catch. No risk. A 30-day money back guarantee. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Microsoft Exchange 2010 migration is the forefront of how to run your business’s communications technology. It is a tool that incorporates email, instant messaging and calendar capability in an easy-to-use package that is secure and stable. Collaboration platforms, document and project management, storage, versioning etc. all stop being simply catchy phrases and start working for you. Getting this service hosted takes your mind off the nitty-gritty technical details and gets you back into the business of running your organization.

Importantly, managing this behemoth of a structure is made easy through a custom-made interface that is intuitive, powerful and ready to use. With all of your data being hosted together in a compact fashion, the interface is all your administrator needs to see to make important decisions about the use of the tools; and, if the words “all of your data hosted together” made your heart jump, you would be interested in knowing that the offered Microsoft Exchange 2010 migration services are performed through a top-level safe server with encryption. World-class anti-virus protection works for you around the clock, preventing unauthorized access, malicious attacks, graymail, and providing outbound communication safeguards as well. When the migration is finished, strict compliance control mechanisms are in place to ensure that no data is compromised or damaged through unauthorized use.

Completing your Microsoft Exchange 2010 migration sooner rather than later has all the potential of improving your team’s efficiency, freeing up time for new projects. Going through a well-experienced company for this service will link the migration with such important features and opportunities as cross-device and cross-platform compatibility, disaster recovery, 100% scheduled uptime, message archiving, access anywhere there is a network. Basically, the migration can be the first step in a wonderful journey that will open up new avenues for your business’ or organization’s rapid multi-faceted development in the future. It is an opportunity that should not be missed.

So, again, why should you consider for the Microsoft Exchange 2010 migration service? Because they are the trusted provider for this service for numerous Fortune 500 organizations, federal and local governments, huge businesses that have a lot of risks to consider before making such a decision. Because they offer an unmatched level of data fidelity that includes transferring all of the personal settings and properties into the new format, including contact lists, task lists, multi-calendar setups etc. Because it would be really difficult to find another provider that offers this service around the clock. Because the cost factor is, frankly, almost negligible, given the scope of work and potential stress involved. offers customer support that is truly unmatched. 24/7/365 access to their technical experts, self-help and advice tools and materials – this is hard to beat. Their customer base demonstrates that trust is never an issue. If it seems from the above that there is some sort of a marketing pitch for, please reconsider – this company’s reputation and service scope hardly require extensive promotion. One would be hard-pressed to find another name that would match’s capabilities, history of success, and technical superiority. Your Microsoft Exchange 2010 migration will definitely be in safe and capable hands here. Let’s face it – who would trust with the breadth and depth of your business intelligence? Wouldn’t it be someone who is trusted and whose expertise is sworn by? If so, we have a winner here. Go for it.

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