Virtual Desktop on Windows

Manage all your desktops from one central access point

Virtual Desktop Windows

It might seem an impossible task: managing the desktops of every computer in your network. However, with the advent of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), technology is available that allows you to do just that. Implementing virtual desktops on Windows systems separates a computer desktop environment from the physical machine, allowing you to manage all of your virtual desktops from one central access point.

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Virtual Desktops on WindowsVirtual Desktops on Windows

Virtual desktops on Windows machines are just one more way in which virtualization is proving itself worthy. Virtual desktop infrastructure allows control of all your network’s computer desktops from one location, provides access to information and applications across your network, and is a useful tool in helping maintain system compliance and security. Contact for more information on how virtual desktops for Windows could benefit your business.

define vdiWhat’s a virtual desktop?

A virtual desktop is a computer desktop (the user interface that shows files and applications) that is virtualized—meaning that all of those files and applications are not actually stored on the computer it’s using. When you use a virtual desktop infrastructure, all of the files and applications across your network are virtualized, thereby accessible from one location. Virtual desktops for Windows also allows for improved system performance.

Improved System PerformanceImproved System Performance

A virtual desktop infrastructure increases your network’s power and efficiency. This is because virtual desktops for Windows makes sure that no one desktop or session monopolizes system resources. This ensures that your desktops will not experience performance lag, letting you and your employees function at full capacity. User changes are saved when the user logs off, so your employees can still personalize their desktops for their own needs.

Easier updates and improved securityEasier updates and improved security

Virtual desktops for Windows improves your network by providing a way to make system-wide changes easily. Since all of your network’s computers are managed from one access point, installing updates, software, malware protection and applications can be performed quickly and easily. You no longer have to install or make changes computer by computer—with a virtual desktop infrastructure in place, you only do it once.

Simplified set-upSimplified set-up

When companies add new computers to their network, it usually results in a mix-match of software and needed-updates. Normally, this requires a technician’s time to update the new computers to be consistent with the others. With virtual desktops from Windows, it’s easy to get new computers up and running. Virtual infrastructures allow the system administrator to simply apply a virtual desktop to the new computer, making it ready for use.

 Business Benefits:

Virtual desktops on Windows computers offers you efficiency in managing your entire network. Here are some of the benefits of virtual desktops for Windows:

Simplified management: When you use a virtual desktop infrastructure, all of the desktops in your network are virtualized. This allows for simple and time-effective management.
Increased value: Virtual desktops for Windows operate in such a way that no one desktop or session hogs resources. Virtual desktops are pooled together, allowing you to reduce your storage needs and deployment costs.
Rich experience: Using virtual desktops for Windows gives you an improved user experience. Besides adapting quickly to changing networks, virtual desktops for Windows provide an enhanced 3D and graphics performance.

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