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For enterprises moving to a cloud architecture, the value is immediate and clear: An infrastructure that scales instantly with your needs, rapid deployment of new business applications, and reduced IT resource costs as systems management becomes simpler and compute resources are fully utilized.

But there are challenges. Your cloud solution must reduce complexity, not replace it. Security, availability, scalability, management, and most importantly, cost are still primary concerns for any enterprise CTO, CIO or architect.

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The Jelastic Advantage: Robust, Scalable, Turnkey Cloud.

Jelastic’s Platform as a Service solution is truly the cloud converged—without limits, integrating the best of both worlds for the enterprise. As an industry first, Jelastic’s Cloud solution combines the flexibility of IaaS with the simplicity and speed of deployment of PaaS together in a single offering, delivering a turnkey cloud at a fraction of the cost of current virtualized environments.

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RAM and CPU – Pay Only For Resources Used

Jelastic’s scaling is truly elastic. You set the minimum and maximum limits for resources and we manage the rest. You will only be billed for “cloudlets” consumed at any time (each cloudlet represents 128 MB RAM + 400 MHz CPU). You can also stop and restart applications at any time and be billed only for storage. Watch our video to see how our revolutionary scaling saves you money and guarantees the best performance for your application.

Jelastic management tools

Comprehensive Management

Tools to help you manage throughout the application lifecycle

Whether in development, test or deployment mode, Jelastic provides comprehensive features to manage the application environment. Deploy applications from standard tools like GIT/SVN with a single click. If there are multiple instances of the application, Jelastic updates all of them. Rolling back to an earlier version is easy since Jelastic keeps track of your deployment history. Once deployed, adding more application instances or allocating more resources is easy via our comprehensive dashboard.

Replication and clustering for the highest availability

Jelastic provides clustering and automatic replication for the highest availability. Advanced load balancing automatically shares the load between instances. Intelligent session replication with sticky sessions and seamless, automated app synchronization between containers guarantees maximum uptime.

Jelastic also implements container isolation so that applications and databases are separated to ensure that failure of any one component does not impact other containers.

Jelastic Git Integration

Git Integration

Jelastic is the managed PaaS that puts you in control.

Pull your latest code changes right from any git or svn server; or if version control isn’t your thing, you can simply deploy a zip archive or war file. Do it your way.

You’re up and running instantly thanks to our preconfigured servers, but you can edit all major config. files to optimise for your particular needs – php.ini, server.xml, my.cnf, httpd.conf, nginx.conf – even install your own custom modules.

Jelastic Docker Containers

Production Ready Docker Containers

Jelastic launches support for production-ready Docker, .NET/Windows, environment export/import and websockets.

This innovation is intended to give end-users the possibility to create multi-container environments for different microservices, based on Docker templates. Jelastic’s solution for Docker application packaging standard is solving the task of application delivery and simultaneously provides orchestration of multi-container environments in public, hybrid and private clouds.

Jelastic delivers a range of benefits that makes Dockers within the platform ready for production use:

Visual environment topology builder for microservices, based on containers
Smart clustering automation for complex applications
Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling
Deployment automation across multiple containers
High availability of containers on the hardware level, based on software defined storage
Smart containers distribution across the hardware cluster, according to the load
Link support between containers on multiple hardware nodes
Built-in toolset for monitoring and managing container resources

Features & Benefits

Supported Technologies

  • Java, PHP, .NET/ASP.NET, Node.js, Ruby and Python support
  • Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish, IIS, Apache, Nginx, TomEE, Wildfly, Spring Boot and Jetty
  • Deployment via GIT, SVN, ZIP, War and Maven
  • Plugins for Eclipse, Netbeans and IntelliJ IDEA
  • SQL: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, No SQL: MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis and CouchDB
  • Load balancers: Nginx, HAProxy, Apache and Varnish

Rapid Deployment

  • One click deployment of the entire stack means you can focus on your business
  • Any application can be deployed in just minutes
  • No application changes (no platform-specific APIs) means faster deployment


  • Applications automatically scale and load balance across servers
  • Only Jelastic supports automatic vertical scalability, allowing each application to use only those resources required at any time

Enterprise Class Availability

  • Application instances are automatically replicated and fail-over seamlessly, with zero user impact
  • Isolation of application resources leads to less application downtime

New or Legacy Apps

  • Since there are no proprietary APIs to code, legacy applications can be supported without change
  • Java, PHP and Ruby applications can be deployed in minutes can immediately take advantage of seamless scalability and high availability
  • A wide array of application server and database choices provide the broadest range of application support

Enterprise Proven

Thousands of developers and 20+ hosting companies have already implemented Jelastic’s Platform as a Service.


Jelastic Pricing

All Jelastic costs are based on usage not allocation – meaning you only pay for resources consumed!

There are only 4 resources you have to pay for on our Jelastic PaaS: RAM/CPU, Disk Space, Traffic & Public IP Addresses.

Cloudlets/Cost per Unit

1 – 7 - $0.0034

8 – 14 - $0.0032

15 – 29 - $0.0028

30 – 59 - $0.0027

60 – 119 - $0.0025

120 – 239 - $0.0023

240 – ∞ - $0.0021


Internal Traffic Free

External traffic starts at $0.00015 GB/hr

All internal data transfer between servers in our Jelastic PaaS is free of charge when using your private IP addresses.

Dynamic Disk Space

$0.00015 GB/hr

Disk Space is unlimited and usage is measured in GB. Like all Jelastic resources, you only pay for your actual consumption (you do not need to buy extra space "just in case" you need it).

Public IP Addresses

$0.00265 IP/hr

For more secure work of your production environments it is recommended to get and process the requests using Public IP address attached to any instance in the environment with your application. 


Calculate Your Costs

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Jelastic Marketplace

Jelastic MarketplaceTake Jelastic for a test drive via our Marketplace where you can locate popular apps from categories such as; developer tools, blogs, content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, Magnolia, Alfresco etc), forums, image galleries, polls & surveys, project management, ecommerce and much, much more.

It’s really easy. Just select the app you wish to have installed and hosted, enter your email address and we will automatically create an environment and install your chosen app in just one-click. You will receive an email to confirm the deployment of your app.

Install and try out as many apps as you’d like with our 14 day free Jelastic trial, hosted locally in Miami, USA.

Install Apps in One-Click

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloudlet?

A cloudlet is a composite billing unit comprised of 128 MB RAM + 400 MHz CPU. Each Jelastic server has multiple cloudlets assigned to it (e.g. 8 cloudlets would give you 1GB RAM and 3.2GHz CPU power).

The number of cloudlets assigned to your servers at any one time varies based on the resource demands of your application.

How many cloudlets do I need?

That’s exactly the point – you can’t know this in advance. That’s why buying resource allocations is a bad idea, and why it’s much better to pay for your actual resource usage instead – by using our Jelastic PaaS (so you don’t need to predict the future!).

The best way to see how much resources your application actually needs is to try it on our platform. You can do it right now using our free 14 day trial.

How do I control my budget?

You can set a maximum scaling limit for each server in your environment.

This limits the maximum amount of resources your application can use (but it may run slowly or crash if there’s not enough – just like any other server), and hence also limits your costs.

How do I know my cloudlet usage?

You can view real-time cloudlet consumption in the dashboard alongside your environment, and each individual server within it.

The dashboard also shows real-time graphs of CPU, RAM, network, and disk space consumption for each server within your Jelastic environments.

You’ll be surprised how little resources you actually use to run your application.


Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a free 14 day trial to allow you to experience our innovative Jelastic platform and see for yourself what it can do for you, how our resources are calculated and check how many cloudlets your application needs.

Are there any free trial restrictions?

During your free trial, you can create the following:

2 environments per account
4 application servers per environment (e.g. nginx + 2 x Apache + MariaDB)
2GB RAM & 3.2GHz CPU (16 cloudlets) per application server

Public IP addresses and our VPS feature are only available to paid accounts.

100 GB Disk quota limit for the trial accounts.

Do you offer inbound migration assistance?

Our expert migration team can migrate any number of websites to your new server completely free of charge! We’re available 24×7 to help with any questions or problems you may have during the process.

Simply contact our support team after signing up for Jelastic and they’ll help you get started!

Can I host multiple domains?

Jelastic is intended for large single domain hosting inside each environment, however it is possible to host multiple domains by creating multiple separate environments, or inside a single environment by configuring virtual hosts in your web server configuration. Our friendly support team can help you to set this up.

If you are planning to host a large number of small domains on a single environment we recommend our Cloud VPS range as a more appropriate solution, which is designed to efficiently support multiple-domains on one server.

Does Jelastic offer email hosting?

All Jelastic application servers allow you to send emails from the local web server, but we recommend that you integrate your scripts with a specialist transactional email provider. We don’t have any specific recommendations, but existing customers are using specialists including Mailjet, Sendgrid and Mandrill which all offer free tiers in their pricing plans.

Inbound email functionality (i.e. mailboxes) is currently outside of the scope of our Jelastic PaaS. You can point your MX records to an external email service such as Google Apps, or setup an inbound mail server inside of your account using a Docker image or deploy an email solution.

If you’re looking for a fully integrated service with Web, Database, Email and DNS you may want to consider our Cloud VPS range as an alternative.

Deploying Applications

Can I deploy applications using git or svn?

Yes! Jelastic has full integration with git and svn, including support for git submodules and automated deployment (you can define the deployment schedule).

Can I upload and deploy applications via the dashboard?

Yes! You can upload applications manually via the deployment manager in your Jelastic Dashboard. These files can be in zip, war or ear format and can be deployed to any new and existing environments you have.

Can I manage my servers using FTP / FTP-SSL?

Yes, you can connect to Jelastic using FTP / FTP-SSL, but this feature is only available on paid accounts with the public IP feature enabled.

Can I access the servers via SSH?

SSH access is available through the control panel with the built in client. f you make certain changes via SSH it may inadvertently break platform functionality (e.g. you may not be able to start your environment properly via the dashboard).

You already get full access to edit major service configuration files (e.g. server.xml, php.ini, my.cnf, httpd.conf) via the Jelastic dashboard.

Additional Features

Can I run scheduled tasks?

Yes, we have full support for cron. You can easily edit your crontab using the Jelastic Dashboard.

Can I edit the server configuration files?

You have full access to edit configuration files for all of your application servers. Our support team will be glad to advise you if you need any assistance with tuning these files.

What if I want to use software not supported by Jelastic?

We can enable Jelastic’s VDS feature upon request (paid accounts only). This provides a plain, CentOS Enterprise Linux server with full root SSH access for you to install and run any software you desire.

Please note that the VDS is a completely self-managed server and it is your responsibility to maintain and secure the server.

The concept behind the Jelastic PaaS is to free you from the headaches of server administration, so if there is a critical feature or function missing we would love to hear from you so we can consider adding this functionality to Jelastic in the future.

Can I use SSL certificates with Jelastic?

Yes, you can install your own SSL certificate on Jelastic. We recommend buying an SSL certificate from for Jelastic as we can install and manage this for you free of charge. Alternatively, you can buy an SSL certificate from your preferred vendor and install this yourself via our Jelastic dashboard.

You will need to enable a private IP address on your load-balancer or web-servers to use an SSL certificate.

Can I share access to my environment with my developer?

Yes! Once you have setup your account and created your environment, it’s easy to share this with your developer. You can select from two access levels – admin, where your developer can make changes to your environment topology, or view, where your developer can work with your existing environment topology only.

Server Management

Is the platform fully managed?

Yes, we fully manage your Jelastic infrastructure in accordance with our competitor-busting SLA. We give you direct access to configuration files for your application servers (e.g. php.ini, my.cnf, etc.), so you can customise your configuration at any time whilst we manage the platform behind the scenes to ensure maximum platform reliability.

Our support team are available 24x7x365 to assist you if you need any advice tuning your configuration files.

Do you backup my data?

Backups are included free of charge and without storage limits. We take backups 4 times per day and keep a copy of your backups for 14 days giving you 56 individual restore points.

All backups are stored on our secure private backup network which is completely isolated from customers’ services. Our backup system provides regular system snapshots using a highly sophisticated incremental backup mechanism. This minimises the amount of load placed on your system during the backup process such that there is no noticeable impact to server performance.

Restores are available free of charge 24x7x365 via our support team who will manage the process for you to ensure the fastest and most successful recovery.


Jelastic’s scaling is truly elastic. You set the minimum and maximum limits for resources and we manage the rest. You will only be billed for “cloudlets” consumed at any time (each cloudlet represents 128 MB RAM + 400 MHz CPU). You can also stop and restart applications at any time and be billed only for storage. This revolutionary scaling saves you money and guarantees the best performance for your application.

Learn more about Jelastic pricing

Software Stacks

Which control panel do you offer?

Jelastic includes a highly innovative control panel which allows you to create an environment, and deploy your own multiple server infrastructure in just a few clicks. There’s no control panel with the same features already out there, so this is made to order.

Which Java application servers and JDK versions do you support?

We support Java (Tomcat 6 & 7, Jetty) and JavaEE (TomEE, Glassfish) with both JDK 6 and JDK 7.

Which PHP application servers and versions do you support?

We support Apache (mod_php) and Nginx (PHP-FPM) with PHP versions 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5.

What database servers do you support?

We support both SQL (MySQL, MariaDB 5.5 and 10.0, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB) database servers.

Do you support load-balancing?

Yes, you can enable and deploy Nginx load-balancer easily via the dashboard in just two clicks!

Do you support caching?

Yes, we support both Memcached (application cache and session replication), and the Nginx load-balancer can be enabled as a reverse proxy server with caching capabilities.

Sales & Billing

How is Jelastic billed?

Jelastic is prepaid, so you avoid surprise bills. Simply purchase account credits in blocks. Charges for your usage are debited from your account balance on an hourly basis (in arrears).

What payment options do you provide / accept?

We accept all major international debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Additionally, we accept payments via PayPal (verified accounts only) and via bank transfer (for high-value payments only).

You can optionally configure Jelastic to automatically refill your account balance using your credit card or PayPal payment agreement whenever your balance drops below a configurable threshold.

Is there a minimum contract period?

Unlike many of our competitors who lock you into 12/24/36 month minimum contracts, we have no minimum contract period as we are confident you will be satisfied with us! Your prepaid account credit can be used for Jelastic services without an obligation to make any further payments.

Do you offer domain registration services?

Yes, we support registration / transfer of all major domain extensions. Full information is available on the domain names page of our website.

Do you sell SSL certificates and Trust Logos?

Yes, we offer a wide range of SSL certificates and can offer bundled or separate Trust Logos through our partnerships. For more information please see this page.