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Why Choose Infrascale for Disaster Recovery?

By February 26, 2018Disaster Recovery
Infrascale disaster recovery

Have you tested your company’s disaster recovery system? If so, do you have full and complete confidence that it will recover your objectives within a timely fashion? If you have any doubt, perhaps this is the time to learn more about Infrascale Disaster Recovery, a hybrid cloud disaster recovery service.

What Is Infrascale?

Infrascale Disaster Recovery is a hybrid disaster recovery service that resides on premise and in the cloud that allows companies to minimize lost productivity that can result from all kinds of events from server crashes to ransomware attacks.

Why Choose Infrascale?

Choose Infrascale for disaster recovery in order to eliminate costly downtime and data loss. The ability to quickly recover from ransomware attacks means that you will never have to pay hackers. Furthermore, the use of cloud-technology is affordable for every organization’s budget range. Infrascale is billed by the storage required. There is no cost to the user for the premise hardware or cloud server only a simple per Terabyte cost for the backups.

Eliminate Downtime

Downtime can steal oxygen and gradually choke the life out of a business. One hour of downtime can cost $8,000 for a smaller company, $215,000 for a mid-size business, and over $600,000 for large-scale enterprises. Using local hardware as your backup option is also risky, because data can be wiped out in natural disasters. Data loss caused by accidents, systems crashes, or software corruption will also create costly downtime. A cloud-based backup solution like Infrascale Disaster Recovery solves these issues.

Reduces Hardware Costs

Using the cloud frees up your resources, as this avoids the need for spending your budget to purchase hardware (for duplicate systems, local storage, etc.) to perform disaster recovery. Infrascale Disaster Recovery allows you to failover locally in seconds or via the cloud within minutes.

Safety from Ransomware Attacks

It is well known that backing data up gives you security against ransomware attacks. But the speed at which you can restore systems is even more critical in the event of a data breach.

Consider two companies, both having their file shares and ERP infected with the “Locky” strain of Ransomware in November 2016. The retailer with Microsoft Data Protection Manager for server protection restored operations after two to three days, was fully restored in two weeks, and required 320 hours of manpower. The manufacturer using Infrascale Disaster Recovery took less than an hour to restore operations, had total restoration, and no manpower. There were differences between the two businesses—the retailer had about 3x the data to protect, and between 40-50 locations to the manufacturer’s three locations. But the results using Infrascale Disaster Recovery are clearly superior.

Simply pushing a button can restore all of your hardware and software within a very short period of time (15-minute failover guarantee and an average recovery time of 70 seconds), allowing productive workplace activities, commerce, and other business to resume.


Infrascale offers military-grade security to protect your data. Triple layer end-to-end encryption ensures that data is encrypted at the source, transferred using a secured connection, and then encrypted again at the cloud. Only the client has the encryption key that allows them to view or decrypt files from the cloud. You also have complete control over the data used by mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops that helps prevent data loss or theft of confidential information.

Industries That Should Have Infrascale’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Solution

When considering if DRaaS is right for your company, look at your data backup needs, the regulatory framework you operate under, and any other legal requirements that will necessitate fast, effective recovery of your systems.


With more advanced methods of collecting swathes of confidential, personal data, healthcare organizations are now challenged to provide greater redundancy, data protection, and security. Consider how 8,000 medical operations were cancelled in 2017 within UK hospitals due to the WannaCry ransomware attack; healthcare organizations are vulnerable and out of the 26 percent of organizations with a disaster recovery plan, only 38 percent have tested it. Also consider industry compliance standards like HIPAA that necessitate stronger data backup and protection.


The financial sector, including banks and credit unions, has been a leader at adopting cloud-based disaster recovery services because of the high cost of unpreparedness. There are security requirements outlined by both federal and state regulators for the financial sector. The Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) and the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OOC) are just two examples. Achieving nearly zero downtime at a minimal cost (when compared to legacy disaster recovery systems) makes cloud-based disaster recovery solutions an attractive option.


Schools, universities, and other learning institutions must evolve in order to continue to provide leading, accessible services for their students and faculty. Using tapes to back up data cannot meet RTO expectations. A cost-effective cloud-based solution, however, can allow educational institutions to function with minimal downtime.


Government agencies at all levels of politics have moved quickly to adopt cloud-based technology in order to guarantee data security, protect their vulnerabilities, and maintain regulatory compliance. Information is a huge asset, which is why governments now rely on DRaaS to protect.

Law Firms

The damage done to a law firm from data loss as a result of software or hardware malfunctions, cyberattacks, natural disasters, or even human errors can be quite severe. Lawyers can miss vital court appearances, lose their daily source of income, and be unable to find critical client information. Furthermore, the loss of reputation means loss of future business. This is why more and more law firms are utilizing trusted cloud-based technology services for reliable disaster recovery.

Infrascale Available from

For affordable, reliable, and simple disaster recovery, Infrascale is the best option for businesses today. Miami-based is a leading provider of Infrascale and can help your company adopt the cloud-based technology. Protect your business from ransomware, server crashes, and other possible data loss by using the latest in disaster recovery. Remember, besides our 30-day money back guarantee, we also provide 24/7 support that is 100% based in the U.S. Contact us today to learn more about our services.