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hybrid cloud hostingThe Basics: Hybrid Cloud Computing

When you’ve decided to jump into the world of cloud hosting, you are given the choice over what type of cloud you want to use. Will you choose public, private, or a hybrid blend of both? For many businesses, hybrid cloud computing provides the right mix of benefits with a cost-effective value. To find out more about how hybrid cloud hosting can benefit your company, call or e-mail today.

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flexible hybrid cloudHybrid cloud solutions: The best of both worlds’s hybrid cloud hosting solutions give you the captain’s chair. You decide what features you want to implement and when. Private clouds give you control and security of your data while public clouds give you easy accessibility and scalability. Did you want to change what’s kept private and public? No problem. Hybrid cloud storage solutions give you the best of both worlds – contact for more information.

when to go hybrid cloudWhen is it time for a hybrid?

Hybrid cloud hosting solutions work for anyone and everyone. There’s no need to be skeptical – hybrid cloud solutions work for everyone simply because of their nature. Hybrid cloud solutions are inherently customizable, letting you choose what works best for your business. Having both private and public cloud elements gives you the widest range of cloud hosting options that exist. This ensures that your unique business needs are acknowledged and met.

define hybrid cloudWhat is a hybrid cloud?

A hybrid cloud is a cloud hosting solution – it combines the two types of cloud hosting (private and public) into a mix. What does it do? It’s method of storing data so it’s available when and where you want it. Hybrid cloud solutions let you choose what business information, hardware, or applications are kept in a private storage area, and what is available more publicly.

hybrid cloud scalabilityIt means scalability

Hybrid solutions: what comes to mind first? If you are thinking about flexibility, responsiveness, and functionality, you’d be absolutely right. One of the main advantages to implementing a hybrid cloud hosting solution is that it adapts to your business needs. Is your company expanding? Do you need to relegate more information to the cloud? No problem—hybrid cloud solutions grow with your unique business needs.

more about hybrid cloudHow to find out more

Choosing a hybrid hosting solution can be the decision that propels your company to success. Advantages of hybrid solutions include accessibility, scalability, and cost savings, not to mention security and full control where you need it. Contact – we’ll help you create the perfect hybrid cloud solution for your business needs. Also included in all of our solutions is free access to our 24/7/365 live chat and email support.

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Business Benefits:

There are literally a host of benefits that come with hybrid cloud computing – and all of them contribute to your business gaining efficiency and security. These are only a few of the common advantages to implementing a hybrid cloud solution:

Cost effective: When you mix and match features from and private and public cloud computing, you create a custom hybrid solution that matches your business needs.
Scalability: Using a hybrid cloud hosting solution allows you to move resources from private to public storage as it becomes necessary. Your solution grows with your business.
Security: Because you choose what information is in a public storage area and what is kept private, you get to ensure that your confidential and sensitive data is kept safe.

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