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Microsoft Exhange Email Hosting Benefits

Email: sometimes it seems like a necessary evil in the workplace. Does it ever feel as if all you, or your employees, ever do during the workday is open virtual mail, chase down recipient addresses, or try to coordinate team projects through unwieldy collaboration software? Not to mention the security issues that are constantly being fought against with viruses, or accidentally sending emails to people without proper security clearance. Many companies feel at the mercy of their ungainly and unsecure e-mail systems. But it doesn’t have to be that way—Microsoft Exchange email hosting services can transform your company’s email into a secure and efficient system that’s a pleasure to use.

Microsoft Exchange is an elegant piece of software that merges email, messaging, and calendar functions into one neat package. With Microsoft Exchange email hosting, your company suddenly have one place for you and your employees to meet virtually, brainstorm and collaborate, and communicate effectively. You can send emails or instant message each other and set aside dates and future plans all from one place.

Microsoft Exchange email hosting also offers shared spaces such as public folders and shared mailboxes. Features also include a messaging assistant, an instant search feature, and RRS feed supporter. The 2013 version adds several new features: the integration of SharePoint (document management software) and Lync (instant messaging software), and a site mailbox function. This allows your employees to share, manage, and work together on documents easily. To top it off, all of this collaboration doesn’t even have to happen exclusively in the workplace—by using cloud hosting technology, you and your employees can access your accounts anywhere in the world.
Boosting your company’s productivity is one of the first advantages to using Microsoft Exchange email hosting, but a bonus feature is that is convenient to use.  Advanced software features allow users to access their accounts on any mobile device. This means that you can do everything Microsoft Exchange email hosting offers on a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. It also runs across numerous platforms; whether you prefer using Apple, Android, or Blackberry technology, you are sure to be connected and working efficiently. All information entered into the software is automatically synced—no matter what device you use, your information remains relevant and up-to-date.

What about security and system integrity? There is no need to be leery—Microsoft Exchange email hosting has built in mal-ware (viruses and spyware) and spam filtering abilities to protect your company’s online network. Any messages coming in or out of your system are scanned for malicious software; an infected message will be instantly deleted.
Data loss prevention (DLP) is another new feature of the 2013 version of Microsoft Exchange email hosting. DLP safeguards your company’s private data by identifying and marking sensitive data and notifying the user about potential policy violations. The DLP feature can be updated to include policies that are necessary to the running of your business. With Microsoft Exchange email hosting, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure from both human and virtual threats.

Microsoft Exchange email hosting offers efficiency, convenience, and security—but did you know that it’s also customizable to fit your unique business needs? Exchange 2013 eliminates the confusion and hassle behind multiple applications. With the extension model provided by the 2013 software version, your apps are united into one place, and can be simultaneously opened with one simple login. offers Microsoft Exchange email hosting services, eliminating the trouble and time spent having to procure it yourself. We have a variety of hosted exchange plans in order to fit your company’s unique needs. Letting us take care of your hosting services allows you to eliminate the hefty cost of an on-site server, specialized IT staff, or the devastating effects of a server failure. Let us deal with the technical details of hosting your email system so you can focus on running your company.

In conclusion, using Microsoft Exchange email hosting can provide a literal “host” of benefits to your company. Whether you are just looking to update your software or you have specific improvement targets in mind, Microsoft Exchange email hosting services offered by has something to offer any size of business.

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