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Hosted Microsoft Exchange Solutions

By September 2, 2013Hosted Exchange 2010

Do routine email server issues take up a lot of your IT team’s time? Do you find yourself constantly buying new system upgrades and licenses, scheduling routine maintenance and worrying about things that are supposed to be taking worries out of your hands? Perhaps the time has come to consider signing up for hosted Microsoft Exchange services.

The times when having your email hosted outside of our office was expensive, complex and inconvenient have long gone. How cheaper than $9 per mailbox does it get? If you are wondering where this number is coming from, take a close look at, a respectable and well-known one-stop-shop for all of your hosting needs. Nine dollars is exactly what they charge for hosted Microsoft Exchange services with unlimited mailbox storage space and anti-spam included.

How does hosted Microsoft Exchange work? Your email is stored away from home, on a secure server in what is called a cloud. The data is alive and readily available at any time. The email messages can be accessed from any browser or portable device and any computer with network access. That is it. No more complex technical details to share, actually.

Everything else in the hosted Microsoft Exchange setup is up to you. How would you like to access data? Choose from your Outlook program or the Outlook Web App, go through your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or other device: all of this is made possible through the apt use of all of the standard protocols, including POP, IMAP, MAPI and OWA. Thus working outside or at the office does not make a big difference any more in terms of access to vital communication. Say ‘good-bye’ to mysteriously missed emails, as well as meeting and action requests. The full scope of Outlook features is available to you and your employees anywhere where a network exists. Managing your hosted Microsoft Exchange server information is made simple through a customer control system that includes all the tools required. Billing, payments, subscriptions, mail lists, contact management are just a few of the components that can be administered in the system.

One feature that should be mentioned separately is’s ability to integrate your hosted Microsoft Exchange solution with a SharePoint solution based off another server. SharePoint hardly needs an introduction; it is a state-of-the-art collaboration and project management tool that can work miracles when used professionally and diligently. What provides is not just the peaceful coexistence of your email server and the SharePoint server, but their deep connection in the form of mutual replication. The replication process allows one server to take on extra work should the other one experience problems or fail. If your organization uses SharePoint, or considers doing so in the future, this solution is a clear path to fewer worries, greater stability and uninterrupted business processes should the unexpected occur. And you probably agree that all of this leads to grateful customers and happy employees.

One more reason to consider hosted Microsoft Exchange solutions from is their commitment to security and integrity. Spam and scam messages take up time and space, annoy people and take away focus from what’s really important – this company’s services include protection against this nuisance right away. Viruses and attempts at hacking into your data are deterred and made impossible through state-of-the-art secure connectivity protected by a superb antivirus package that is continuously updated with virus definitions. Now this is impressive!

Still not convinced that these hosted Microsoft Exchange services are for you? Perhaps you will be swayed by a 24/7/365 approach to customer service, online customer support services and tools, numerous how-to guides and tutorials or such features as message archiving and backup? Still thinking. How about a 30-day hassle-free worry-free trouble-free money back guarantee? From what we are seeing, going with WebHosting may be the best solution out there, in every respect: cost-wise, technology-wise, expertise-wise. Remember: what is at stake here is your business’s data security and accessibility. This is about moving your communications to a completely new level that lets your staff focus on their jobs while professionals in the area of email deal with the email. Don’t wait. Act now. You will find quickly how many people appreciate it.

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