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NAP of the Americas


web hosting infrastructureThere are five Tier-4 NAP’s in the United States. Only one has been designed and built from the ground up as a carrier-neutral facility offering colocation, managed services and the latest in peering network technology; only one is prepared to serve as the Internet gateway for Latin America; and only one is a premier TerreNAPSM Data Center. This is why global carriers, ISPs, other Internet-related businesses, educational institutions, and enterprises have chosen to become customers at the NAP of the Americas.

The NAP of the AmericasSM is owned and operated by Terremark Worldwide and backed by a consortium of over 100 major carriers , ISPs and other telecom companies. It is located in an area of numerous telecommunications carrier facilities, fiber loops, international cable landings and multiple power grids.

The NAP of the AmericasSM is the next-generation carrier-class facility, utilizing the most advanced networking standards in the world. The network architecture of the NAP of the AmericasSM boasts as its core, an efficient high-speed parallel cross point switch fabric. This fabric has a capacity of up to 178,000,000 packets per second of throughput. In addition, edge switches provide gigabit speed connectivity to the meshed 128 Gbps core chassis peering fabric.

The NAP of the Americas

The Nap of the America’s is the fifth Tier-4 Network Access Point in the world, and the only one designed and built from the ground up specifically to link the Americas to the rest of the world.

The Data Center is located on the 2nd floor of the NAP of the Americas.


Cameras, including pan-tilt-zoom cameras located throughout interior and exterior of the building.
Key card Access
City of Miami Police sub-station
Ramming bollards protect entryways
Caged car traps at garage entry and secure loading docks
Roving security guards


Multi-layer security systems
Motion detectors
Strict security policies
Fixed and roving security guards
24-hour police presence
Manned 24x7x365
Cameras, including pan-tilt-zoom cameras, located throughout exterior and interior
Key card access tracks carrier motion


Fifth Tier-4 Network Access Point in the World
Strategically located to serve Latin America
Endorsed by consortium of over 100 telecom industry leaders
State-of-the-Art Network Operation Center
Home of AMPATH Network and Internet2 GigaPop
Strategically located close to major carrier Points of Presence (POPs) and 8 worldwide undersea cable landings.
No single point of failure philosophy to attain five 9’s of reliability (99.999% uptime)
Automated fire suppression systems
Advanced security systems
Redundant communications paths with 192 dedicated 4 inch conduits for fiber
Core Ethernet switching network built with highly scalable architecture and capacity to handle 100’s of million of packets per second.
Fully redundant switching network

Building Features

750,000 square foot, purpose-built datacenter
Tier-4 facility with N+2 power and cooling infrastructure
Equipment floors 32 feet above sea level
Roof slope designed to aid in drainage of floodwater in excess of 100-year storm intensity assisted by 18 rooftop drains
Designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane with approximately 19 million pounds of concrete roof ballast
7 inch thick steel reinforced concrete exterior panels
The building is outside FEMA 500-year designated flood zone

Network Topology has taken every effort to design and implement a state-of-the-art network facility. Using “Best of the Breed” hardware and software, we have created a service location unrivaled in the Webhosting Industry. Our Network is designed in such a way as to accommodate our growth and scalability and to maintain the Quality of Service which we have guaranteed to deliver in our SLAs. When building our network some of our objectives included; systems reliability, proven stability, scalability, predictability, and deterministic behavior under any load conditions.

By design, has the ability to increase our network connectivity at the “flick of a switch”, without the need to provision additional transit circuits from our Providers. With “Zero-Mile” access to Transit Providers our network points of failure are virtually eliminated.

Connectivity’s network is designed to be redundant in every possible way.

Our bandwidth utilization is constantly monitored by Internal and External entities to ensure our Quality of Service. In addition to bandwidth utilization monitoring, continually analyzes NetFlow information from it’s routers. These reports provide us with critical information for optimizing and prioritizing information over our network. uses careful planning and proven technologies to bring connectivity to our customers. We maintain the highest level of support for our network hardware, and have an emergency-reponse team dedicated to maintaining our network continuity.

Network Equipment’s network equipment comprises of best-of-breed hardware. We are continually evaluating new hardware to increase our network performance, stability and Quality of Service (QoS). Research and development is a continuous process at

Extensive multi-level service contracts are purchased on all network hardware acquired by The quality and reliability of our network translates into improved operations for our customers. We maximize the use of our network to ensure the most cost-effective service is passed along to our customers. selected Extreme Networks as our provider for switched technology. Extreme Networks is a leading provider of high-performance, broadband networking solutions designed for the Internet economy. The Company’s switching solutions are built on a unique combination of management software and common architecture that enables to expand their business and be more competitive by speeding traffic through a simplified, super scalable network infrastructure.


Network Monitoring is critical in our business. Our Quality of Service guarantee is one of the best in the industry, and to ensure this uses a combination of Active and Passive monitoring systems. Every piece of hardware connected to our network is monitored for utilization, environmentals and uptime.

PRTG allows us to gather information about our network in real-time, analyze potential problems, and pre-empt any potential disruption in service. We combine this with MRTG for aggregated reporting and RTG for archiving of SNMP counter data. Nagios is used for monitoring servers and services across the network.

Quick Facts about our Data Center: Terremark NAP of the Americas


  • Tier-4 facility with N+2 power and cooling
  • 750,000 square foot, purpose built DC
  • Datacenter floor is 32 feet above sea level
  • Designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane level winds
  • 7 inch thick steel reinforced concrete exterior panels
  • Located outside FEMA 500 year flood zone


  • 100% AC power SLA
  • Redundant power vaults fed from 2 independent substations
  • Uninterrupted power provided by 12 HiTEC Continuous Power Systems providing 10x better transfer rate than typical battery based UPS.
  • Medium voltage switchgear fed by 3 independent 13,200 volt feeders


  • 3,600 tons of redundant chiller backup capacity
  • TotalPac Pre-action dry pipe fire suppression system which holds water outside of the building until a fire is verified, ensuring that water will not accidentally drain into equipment areas
  • Electronic detection systems for managing and monitoring environmental systems