Chat with us, powered by LiveChat We Practice What We Preach is truly an innovative company not only because we provide state-of-the-art products but we also use our products.  Although our employees are located all around the world, communication must be as seamless as if we were  in the office next door.  Here is a rundown of some of our real-world applications. We rely on Exchange Mailboxes for our company wide email accounts. Emails are the primary channel for sending and receiving messages.  Our team also relies on the efficiency and access of: calendars, attachments, contacts, and more— we are always virtually connected anywhere through multiple devices. SharePoint is where the important documents are stored and  accessed we can share with other colleagues and  manage projects.  You can imagine, I’m sure, what a task it would be for the IT department to attend to maintenance,  updates and computer issues for all of the remote locations.   That  is why  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is perfect for our global company. Each employee’s computer desktops is centrally located in the cloud where our IT department can make an individual change or a global change without having to physically interrupt the employees workflow. Even our Web site is located in our secured data center. So if you are curious on how our products work in the real world -just ask us.


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