Desktop Virtualization for Small Businesses

Today, more and more small businesses are utilizing desktop virtualization. This is because VDI solutions can provide tremendous benefits to small businesses, without tying up capital or manpower to implement it.

What Is VDI?

VDI stands for virtual desktop infrastructure. It involves creating a single image of a desktop, which is then hosted on a cloud server. Instead of having individual desktops for companies with PCs, the virtual desktop can be used for all of them.

How Is VDI Used?

VDI is used to provide a uniform experience across multiple company PCs. Instead of needing to spend IT resources setting up each individual PC, VDI can run software and hardware on multiple computers and devices, seamlessly. Furthermore, with cloud-based hosting and scalable memory, users can also use portable laptops and tablets to do the same work which may have previously required heavy, immobile desktop PCs.

Key Benefits of VDI

There are many benefits to utilizing VDI at your company, which range from cost savings to increased productivity. Introducing VDI is easier and more effective than you may think.

Cost Savings

Companies tend to rely on the purchase of a plethora of expensive personal computers. What VDI allows you to do is offer a standardized software array that prolongs the life of those computers. With cloud storage, you also eliminate the need for expensive on-site servers.

There are further cost savings that come from being able to perform software upgrades remotely. Management of a single operating system will reduce costs. Furthermore, in order to install new applications, patches, and drivers, this only has to be done once, by using one image for all users.


Having all of your company’s data stored centrally can be beneficial to having it spread around multiple hard drives and other servers. VDI will allow you complete access to applications or the data itself.


When it comes to your company’s valuable data, a virtual desktop provides many different layers of security. Rather than being accessible via PCs, USBs, and a host of other pathways, all of your data is encrypted and stored in Tier 4 data centers, which are protected 24/7 by live security guards. There is no data to be stolen from company PCs because it all resides in the data center. Furthermore, the data is automatically backed up and kept on a cloud-based server for as long as you need, giving you that much needed reassurance.


Virtual desktops for small businesses give you more agility and flexibility. Software updates can be performed automatically, and remotely. This frees up your IT department’s resources. With cloud-access, employees have the option to work remotely, whether they are at home or abroad. Furthermore, they will have the same access to data and applications regardless of whether they are using a Windows desktop, a MacBook, an iPad, or their own personal device. This is a tremendous benefit when adverse conditions like weather, natural disasters, or sickness prevent your employees from coming into work; VDI allows your small business to maintain productivity, with no loss of momentum.


Currently, when a company’s PCs experience problems, an IT professional must expend time and energy traveling to each computer in order to rectify the issues. With standardized VDI deployment, all PCs are accessible by any linked workstation. This means it becomes easier to troubleshoot technical issues.

Reasons Small Businesses Are Adopting DaaS

Data as a Service (DaaS) is more and more popular because of the limited resources that small businesses have at their disposal. There is a constant search for technology that allows companies to do more with less. VDI is easy to roll out, and can have a significant impact on reducing both capital and annual operating expenses.

Then, there’s the question of scalability. If and when a small business’s needs increase or are diminished, using DaaS allows for an expansion or reduction in services as needed. This happens without any expensive capital costs paid upfront for onsite servers, software, hardware, or administration by your in-house IT department.

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This is our most popular option, perfect for VDI solutions for small businesses. Enjoy two core processors; 2 GB RAM; and 100 GB HDD for only $45.99 per month.


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*Please note that all pans are subject to a one-time setup fee of $15.99

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2 GB RAM Memory

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100 GB Disk Hard Drive

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