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10 Reasons to Choose Virtual Desktops for Your Miami Business


Since the beginning, desktops have caused endless hassles for small businesses like yours. Aggravations such as fixing a PC after a virus has been downloaded or having to upgrade all the Windows machines to Windows 10 or just the fact that managing PCs is time consuming and distracting for whoever handles it, taking them away from more important duties.

The reality, that manufacturers have failed to share with us in their marketing, is that managing desktops is a never ending aggravation. The good news is that today there is a solution to your frustration. The solution is a Virtual Desktop and it may just be what the doctor ordered.

Virtual Desktops have been around for several years, however, recent trends in Cloud computing, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and advances in virtualization technology have made Virtual Desktops a viable option for a small-and-medium-sized business like yours. Making it possible to finally let go of your many desktops and making life easier for everyone.

The following is an overview of what benefits you can expect from utilizing Virtual Desktops for your business.

Superior Performance

Due to the way that traditional networks operate, the time it takes to access networked files can often vary greatly depending on geography, the type of network being used, and the files or data being retrieved. So if your employees travel or work remotely, certain applications may not work efficiently or even at a speed conducive to a moderate level of productivity.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a game changer because the files are often hosted on servers in extremely close proximity to the virtual desktop—something that translates into superior performance regardless of wherever you work from in the world.

Enhanced Reliability

A VDI has redundancies built in for power supplies, data storage, and high bandwidth networking. This means that all users at your company will get to reap these benefits.

The personal computers distributed within a company can always run into technical issues. If they break down, productivity is lost, along with valuable workflow momentum. Having a virtual desktop eliminates these hang-ups in waiting for your IT department to fix everything, allowing your employees to seamlessly continue working.

More Options for Expensive Desktop Upgrades

It can be typical for an office to have a multitude of standardized PCs that workers rely on. When VDI is used, employees are instantly freed and can perform most of their normal duties using smaller, thinner laptops and tablets. If individual needs arise that require more memory or storage, administrators of the VDI have options to fulfill them.

A virtual desktop also gives companies the option of performing their upgrades remotely, without tying down your own in-house IT team. There also only needs to be one installation of new applications, patches and drivers in order for all other users of that image to get them.

Troubleshooting Problems Is Easier

Standardized VDI deployment means that it’s even easier to troubleshoot problems. It take time, energy, and other resources for your in-house IT department to visit each individual company PC that is causing issues, and fix them. With a VDI, all PCs in the organization are accessible by any linked workstation. This means that hard-to-solve individual cases that tend to suck up time (and your own IT department’s resources), are greatly reduced.

Management of a Single OS Can Reduce Costs

It takes an investment of time to provision new desktops. Then there are the management and support costs involved in maintaining a personal computer. Some experts peg the cost of upgrading new hardware and software at 50-70% of the total cost of ownership of a personal computer.

Consider the use of in-house IT professionals to maintain the different applications used by a company. The administration of a company’s PCs creates big overhead costs.

It is simply inefficient to install, update, and/or patch software on each individual computer. What occurs with virtual desktops is something much simpler and more beneficial: when that software sits on a server from their chosen service provider, costs are greatly reduced.

With a VDI, companies only pay a flat monthly fee, thus avoiding the trials and tribulations that are often associated with upgrading operating software across many office PCs, laptops, and other devices.

Cost Savings

By migrating to Virtual Desktops, you can extend the life of your existing desktops and postpone large capital expenditures like purchasing new desktops or on-premise servers.


With Virtual Desktops you are also in more control than with traditional desktops. Your important data is stored centrally giving you the ability to control and adjust access to the applications or data.


Virtual Desktops also provide multiple layers of security. The data centers, where the servers that run the Virtual Desktops are located, are protected 24/7 by live security guards. Furthermore, access to the Virtual Desktop is encrypted and thus protected. Data is backed up regularly and retained per your unique requirements.


Virtual Desktops also give your business more agility and flexibility. For instance, new software can be rolled out quickly and software updates are done automatically through a centralized management dashboard.

In addition, with Virtual Desktops you can give your employees, contractors, volunteers, access to your applications and data (you decide who as access to applications and data) using their own devices (a.k.a. Bring Your Own Device). By doing this, your employees can securely use your data and applications regardless if they use a Windows laptop, Mac or Apple iPad, or their own laptop, or work from home on their desktop.

Lastly, if a natural disaster, weather, or sickness prevents your workers from getting to the office, you have flexibility to allow remote work from any location without hampering productivity.


With Virtual Desktops, every one of your employee can be productive from anywhere, anytime through virtually any device. Whether it is a laptop, desktop, iPad, or Android device – your employees can get to their business applications and be as productive as they would be if they were in the office in front of a PC.

Lastly, with Virtual Desktops your IT gets easier too. You can choose to co-manage or hand over management of the Virtual Desktops to companies like Webhosting.Net. Either way, Virtual Desktops lower your capital expenditures and give you better control, security, agility, and productivity than ever before.

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Anton Resnick is CEO of Webhosting.Net

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