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Cloud ReplicationCloud Replication

The days of having to back up your virtual environment using local backup tools and then having to pack these tapes in a remote location while hoping your last data replication test will match reality is a thing of the past thanks to cloud replication. provides your business network with the resources you need to increase efficiency while ensuring that your network is protected with only the utmost level of virtual security.

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What is Cloud replicationWhat is it?

Cloud replication is where data information is stored in a virtualized storage center that is accessible from a multitude of different computers. With’s cloud replication system, we protect not only your infrastructure, but ensure that recovery time, a recovery point, and cost expectations of your business are managed in the event of a disaster.

Affordable cloud replicationMaintain cost effectiveness with a high quality solution

With, there’s no longer a need for a company to own multiple data centers, employ a highly technical support and maintenance staff, and spend 50% of their IT budgets to guarantee recovery. We offer cloud replication as a cost-saving cloud backup solution to meet any and all business requirements while reducing the time, money, and resources expended.

Fast and easy migrationFast and easy migration

With, we allow you to replicate your essential servers and applications in the cloud within hours. Comparatively, if one were to do this internally, it would take weeks to not only purchase the servers but also to configure them – not with us! At an affordable rate, we offer lightning fast service and furthermore, we promise absolutely no downtime during the migration.

Protect your business 24/7Protect your business 24/7

Many business owner have, in the past, experienced the effects of what it is to lose valuable information pertinent to ongoing business. For some, this has even meant watching your website drown in malware and viruses. With’s cloud replication, we simplify things for you. We protect your multiple virtual environments, web sites, and keep client information confidential and secure through automated server protection.

manage cloud replicationManage and monitor servers in real time without interruption gives businesses the opportunity to manage cloud replication on your own schedule without having to shut down your business. We act to compliment your business through allowing you to plan for scheduled system updates and maintenance operations during normal business hours without affecting day to day operations and with no data loss. We offer visibility into your servers and network, allowing you to monitor the status of your environment in real time.

Business Benefits:’s cloud replication appeals to businesses looking to make a cost effective choice towards ensuring that their virtual environments are secure, monitored, and technically simplified. Cloud replication, provided by, provides your business network with the following advantages:

Management simplified: You don’t need a business degree to know how to manage and monitor your cloud replication system. We allow the simple management of your virtual environment in real time.
Cost effectiveness: Eliminate the expense of having to hire technical support/maintenance staff and invest that money in other areas of your business. Reduce time, money, and resources expended through the use of’s cloud replication.
24/7 protection: Automated server protection allows’s cloud replication system to automatically redirect users and applications to a replicated cloud environment in the event of a server interruption.
No additional purchases: When data is replicated to the cloud, there’s no need to purchase additional servers or equipment.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

icon_guarantee_50x50We back all of our award winning hosting solutions with a 30 day money back guarantee. Rest assured we work hard to provide you with exceptional performance and reliability that has become synonymous with