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Data Protection

Taking Your Business To The Cloud

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This blog post was written exclusively for by equipment leasing company Balboa Capital.

Today’s technology is always improving, allowing your business to do the same. One of the newest and most accessible technologies is cloud computing. With cloud computing, you can access your company’s files and information anywhere and anytime, even when you’re out of office. It can also help you save money and time, essentially allowing you to operate your business in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Web hosting companies will especially know the importance of utilizing storage space., for example, hosts countless websites, and we have the tools and technology in place to provide adequate storage space for each client we work with.

When small- and medium- sized businesses run out of room to store dedicated servers, where do they turn to? They can take their business to the next stage in data storage –cloud servers. Here at, we’ve made cloud storage an integral part of our product offering, and we offer a number of cloud server plans that are both flexible and affordable.

Below are just some of the advantages of cloud computing that can also be found on this cloud computing infographic:

Access anywhere and anytime
Easy to implement and use
High level of security
Low costs and maintenance
No need for large dedicated servers

Security for those in the web hosting industry is always a top priority. If you are storing your company’s valuable information on cloud servers which can be accessed anywhere, you want to be sure it’s as safe as possible. Developed to help protect web-based servers, there are a wide variety of available security measures that can be taken. Many companies have invested in encryption and key management technology to provide extra layers of protection for cloud-based servers.

Cloud computing has been embraced by many of today’s leading companies including Amazon, Apple, eBay, Google and Microsoft, just to name a few. It’s a growing technology that will only improve over the next few years. Before choosing a cloud-based hosting company for their services, know exactly what you are looking for and discuss with the company in question to find out more information.

Join Jose at VMworld 2012 next week!

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Join’s COO, Jose Uribe, at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco next week.  Ask him how a VDS can enhance your business.

Are you looking for Virtual Dedicated Server  for security and performance in a hosted environment? Is reducing infrastructure cost part of your initiative? offers the best of both worlds with our Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). You simply pay for what you need and expand as you grow. A VDS enables your company’s applications to be located on its own cloud with an exclusive file system, CPU power, bandwidth, memory and more.


  • The ideal environment to host enterprise level, mission-critical web sites
  • Robust, powerful and provides support for a vast array of products.
  • Scalable and ready for database support and multimedia functionality
  • Best suited to clients with either large server resource requirements, or who require the ability to customize beyond what is permitted on shared environments.


  • Competitively priced
  • Regular patches applied if desired
  • 24/7 customer/technical support
  • Flexible server control panel

We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee as with any of our award winning products.  You’ll have the confidence in knowing we back our product line with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Rest assured we work hard to provide you with great value and service.

Plan for the Unexpected

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All Successful Companies have a Backup Plan; Let Us be Yours! 
Although data can seem so fluid transferring through emails, saved copies on desktops and kept safe in folders on the network. In reality just one disaster whether it is natural or otherwise can cause your business to lose all data and records if it is not properly backed up. Up to 40% of businesses fail after a disaster. Yet only 43% of small businesses feel prepared to handle an extensive emergency –According to the Insurance Information Institute. Why didn’t these companies back up their data to begin with? There are several reasons why. Some thought it took too much time and effort, or the systems required to do so were too expensive. For others, they believed their data was backed up but the means they depended upon were inadequate, rarely backed up daily, and resided in one location on site. can protect your data from all disasters all of the time is in the data protection business, we offer a CDP (Continued Data Protection) Managed Backup Service that protects your servers from disaster with daily off-site backup. We also boast carrier-neutral, tier-4 network data centers that have a 99.99% up time.

Peace of Mind:
• Your data is automatically protected
• Backup and restore data for rapid server recovery
• Continuous Data Protection – you can restore ANY previous file versions from every backup run
• You choose the backup frequency and the duration of storage (As low as every 15 minutes)
• You only pay for the combined storage usage of data + deltas (changes)

Contact us and find the plan that works best for you is committed to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in providing a stable, secure environment and array of products to ensure our customers’ online business is successful.