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hybrid cloud provides mid- to large-sized organizations with the advantage of fully integrated enterprise IT solutions, which ultimately can translate into quality, turnkey services at a discounted cost.

Firstly, can assist with an organization’s Web hosting presence. The service provider offers virtual Linux and Windows Web hosting with unparalleled support, seamless start-up processes and continuous feature development.

If virtual hosting is not sufficient for your organizational requirements, provides a more heavy-duty cloud server offering.’s cloud servers provides virtual Linux or Windows server infrastructure in a secure, fully managed server environment with the administration tools necessary to construct and manage a professional enterprise-class presence on the Internet. Cloud servers provide more sophisticated tools for everything from software development to multiple Web site management.

Secondly, can build upon its hosting services, by offering full-featured Web design to complement its hosting services. The firm’s Web design is perfect for non-profit and organization Web sites and focuses on providing customized projects that can accommodate e-commerce and that are Web, mobile and tablet compatible. Technical capabilities include Web application, PHP, WordPress and Joomla development. Under its Web design rubric, the company can provide all levels of building your brand identity, including logo, banner, flyer, brochure design, along with even designing trade show booths.

Once your site is built, the firm can promote your business through social media and by way of search engine optimization. also specializes in consulting on pay-per-click advertising and Web statistical analysis and reporting. also can provide other enterprise-class solutions that enhance internal IT operations. provides clients with Hosted Exchange solutions that reduces the cost and complexity of providing e-mail services in house by outsourcing Microsoft-based e-mail messaging services.

The service provider even goes further by offering its clientele what it refers to as desktop in the cloud”.Using VMware, can provide enterprises with virtual desktop interfaces that allow corporate users to access their desktop applications and data, situated in data centers, from virtually any device including, Macintosh, Linux and Windows computers, as well as mobile tablets.

Utilizing the best technologies, has tweaked its cloud configurations so that high-end graphics can be processed using cloud-based servers. The service provider has also ensured that the cloud-domiciled desktop environments of its clients are well protected. uses state-of-the-art solid state drive (SSD) storage systems to ensure that data is readily and rapidly available. The SSD data systems that the service provider offer are so fast, that they can “flash cache” intensive database applications such as SQL Server.

In fact, the data systems which are used are so sophisticated, that apps such as SQL Server, can be “flash cached”, while operating within the actual virtual desktop environment.

The firm also uses storage area networks to centralize its data sources and replicate them in case of outage due to disaster or hardware/software faults. This approach allows to be able to quickly recover data and redeploy it in case of disaster in real-time with extremely short restoration times.

With all of the advantages of the services described above, large enterprises should strongly consider transitioning its patchwork of IT services to’s comprehensive turnkey offering that provides strong hosting, design, virtual desktop and backup and recovery services.

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