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Virtual Web Hosting's Virtual Hosting Solutions [VHS] provides a virtual Linux or Windows Server 2008 infrastructure in a secure, fully managed server environment with administration tools necessary to construct and manage a professional Enterprise-class presence on the Internet.

Our Virtual Hosting Services offer not only storage capacity for your web site and an Internet address, but also our excellent network and support. All of our virtual services are integrated with our Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Optic Internet backbones using Cisco network routers and Extreme switching equipment. Included is free access to Toll Free Telephone, 24/7/365 live chat and email support.

Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting's Linux virtual web hosting services provide a virtual Linux infrastructure in a fully managed, secure environment with a full suite of administration tools that make it easy to build and manage a professional presence on the Internet. You can sign-up online and choose from a variety of options offering everything from the most basic Linux virtual web hosting services to multiple web site management.

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Windows Web Hosting

Windows Web Hosting's Windows Web Hosting services provide a fully managed, secure Windows Server environment with vast support and common hosted web technologies, including .NET, php, MySQL and many more. With's toolkit at your disposal, it's easier than ever to launch a professional, enterprise-class website. Choose between several packages to meet all of your Windows web hosting needs.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We back all of our award winning hosting solutions with a 30 day money back guarantee. Rest assured we work hard to provide you with exceptional performance and reliability that has become synonymous with

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  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Anti-virus & Anti-spam filters
  • Webmail
  • MSSQL + MySQL + Postgre SQL Databases
  • Eccommerce Ready
  • Free Website Scripts
  • Multimedia Features
  • Website / Ftp Statistics

Highlighting the Benefits of Virtual Web Hosting

To understand how virtual servers work, let's look at a very simple example. Suppose you wanted to create several shopping cart websites for various types of products: shoes, dresses, car parts, and beauty products. Without virtual web hosting, you would have to have a different server for each of these different catalogue/shopping cart websites.

But by using virtual web hosting, you can run each of these websites on the same server (and even use the same shopping cart software), so most of the administration is centralized, and the costs of using multiple servers are reduced to that of the cost of virtual hosting for each domain name. A dedicated web server can cost in the hundreds of dollars per month, whereas most virtual hosting solutions cost less than ten dollars per month per domain. So if you have 4 websites, you are literally saving thousands of dollars per year by using virtual web hosting.

Virtual web hosting is best demonstrated by the last instance. Minimal resources allocated to numerous domains. If the site running on a dedicated server was moved to a virtual server, the host computer could grind to halt in minutes. This is because the site will hold up all the resources supposed to be shared and affect the running of the other sites not to mention its individual performance. But it is rare for a site that should be running on a dedicated server to be hosted virtually. The server administrator either increases your resources or proposes a dedicated hosting plan.

A good virtual web hosting provider offers direct support from the server's administration team. Other support options include FAQs and help portals, and the sharing of information on web hosting forums with other users is common in conducting basic trouble shooting and improving your site or blog.

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More About Virtual Web Hosting

Virtual web hosting allows many websites to be hosted on the same server(s), leading to competitive pricing for the end user and for simplified management for all parties involved. Without the efficiency of virtual web hosting, it would be impossible for the Internet to scale as the hardware and maintenance costs would be unrealistic for the vast majority of website owners.

For large websites with a significant number of visitors and pageviews, virtual web hosting may not be the best solution because the resources required by the website can be very significant, often resulting in the need for an entire server, or for very large sites, multiple servers. However, virtual web hosting benefits entry level users with small websites who have a low budget and only require basic server resources that can be shared with other sites.

Basic virtual web hosting plans should incorporate the following features; adequate disk space and bandwidth, email accounts and an administration control panel. The control panel has multiple features simplifying the process of web design and management for regular folks who are not tech savvy. The control panel will allow for easy installation and administration of popular web software like Wordpress, Google Analytics, forum software, etc. The operations for each domain name remains independent from other domains hosted on the same virtual web hosting server. Administration of the domain's resources is conducted on the server side via a web browser interface.

With virtual web hosting, the user only has access to the portion of the server where their website(s) reside. For instance, users can upload photos to their blog or post articles and HTML files. However they are not granted rights to conduct processes like increasing disk space or bandwidth, as those details are controlled by the hosting package that the user has purchased. Most virtual web hosting packages also allow for administration of advanced services such as MySQL databases or PHP.

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