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Windows Shared Hosting Plans Perfect for Every Business

By October 4, 2013Shared Web Hosting

Windows Shared HostingEvery business needs a professional web presence in order to be successful. Placing yourself on the internet allows for more exposure, and is an excellent place to advertise or sell your services and/or products. In order to create such a web presence, one must first seek the services of a web hosting company in order to purchase a web hosting plan. However, there are many web hosting companies and many web hosting plans that may seem to suit the needs of your business. It can be hard to choose just the right one for you. When you choose, not only do we carry various plans that are sure to suit your needs, but we also allow for customization so that you can pick and choose what your company needs, while only paying for what you use. Sounds good, right? It gets better. When you choose one of our Windows shared hosting plans, you’ll receive the benefits we just mentioned, along with many more. Let us break it down for you.

Windows shared hosting runs off of a Windows server, which is a secure and fully managed environment in which you can create and host your company’s website. You receive many of the common hosted web technologies, such as .NET, php, MySQL, along with incredible support and our extensive toolkit to help you build and manage your new web presence. Along with this, we also have many plans you can choose from: professional, small business, corporate or enterprise. Each of these plans have different amounts of disc space, data transfer, mailbox size, and the list goes on. The amount of space needed depends on your business needs, and the size of your company. If one of these plans does not fit your needs exactly, they can easily be customized to your preferences. Our professional plan is good for smaller websites such as portfolios or small companies. Small business, corporate or enterprise works well for website which are constantly growing and need more resources.

The benefits of Windows shared hosting doesn’t stop there, though. There are many benefits that this solution can have on your business. When you choose, we take care of all of your maintenance needs. The cost of server and hardware maintenance can become expensive and inconvenient. By choosing our services, you will save both time and money, which will allow you to allocate more attention and funds toward other areas of your business that could greatly benefit from it.

When you choose a Windows shared hosting plan, you can control all of your packages through the use of our control panel. Users will be able to access tools for managing their account, controlling their domains, moderating FTP accounts, configuring and accessing databases, and administering email accounts for the domain. The Control Panel also offers full support to all of our customers if they should need it. This support comes in the form of 24/7/365 phone or e-mail services put in place to help solve any of the issues that may arise.

Here at, we strive to make it easy for you to launch your professional web presence. We want all of our customers to succeed, and we know that in order for them to do so, they must be able to fully use their service efficiently and effectively.  If you have any questions about your Windows shared hosting plan, you have the ability to contact us directly.

When looking for a reliable web hosting company, make sure you turn to for all of your needs. We can offer you customizable, reliable Windows shared hosting plans that can fit your business’s needs, whether you’re a start-up company or an already well-established organization. There’s something for everyone here at We’re only one phone call away – don’t let your business’s calls for help go unanswered! Call us today for more information.

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