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What Is A Virtual Server

A virtual server refers to a web hosting service where many web sites operated on independent virtual private servers are all connected to the internet through one web server. Each of these virtual private networks are operated from their own partition, and are kept confidential and separate from other sites. This method of hosting multiple domain names on a single server allows each member of the server to share its’ memory, processor cycles, and access to applications.

With a virtual server, a company can not only have their own domain name and IP address, but it also allows them to administer their own file directories, add e-mail accounts, assign multiple domain names that direct to a main domain name without involvement from the ISP, can manage their own web site statistics, and maintain passwords.

What this ultimately means is that instead of having to provide a separate computer for each web site – which is extremely expensive to the customer – dozens and dozens of virtual private servers can co-reside on the same computer. The performance of a web site is rarely affected, if at all, and each web site is operated in complete independence of the other sites on the server. The only drawback to a virtual server is if a virtual server is hogging resources, it may affect the speed that web pages are delivered. However, hosts often monitor activities on a virtual server and should anything occur, they will allocate the necessary resources in order to ensure that this doesn’t happen regularly. With the way that technology has progressed in the past decade and with where it’s headed in the decade to come, expect to see more and more individuals and companies switching to virtual private servers rather than relying on their own private dedicated physical servers.

A large corporation with multiple companies under its umbrella, and subsequently multiple websites, often choose to rent a virtual server in order to keep all their domain names on a single server. A virtual server is accessible to individuals and smaller businesses as well. Anyone can rent out a piece of a virtual server, otherwise known as their own “virtual private network”, to develop and implement their own web site. Not only is space on a virtual server more affordable than what one would find elsewhere, but it is more user friendly and has a multitude of features accessible to anyone on the server.

There are thousands upon thousands of users who operate their web sites from a virtual private server located on a greater virtual server. These include regional mom and pop shops, small marketing firms, multi-million dollar generating companies, and even individuals who are merely operating an independent blog.

Whatever the purpose is, a virtual server is the way to go. has been providing reliable, scalable, and secure web hosting solutions for individuals and business of all shapes and sizes since 1998. Experienced in establishing a web presence that requires the deployment and maintenance of fully integrated e-business solutions, we offer unparalleled customer support, continuous feature development, and a seamless start-up process that has resulted in aiding entry level start-ups right up to national enterprises from across the country. In addition to the knowledgeable staff and the multitude of resources available through, we offer a thirty-day money back guarantee. For a novice who either has a very basic web site outline or who has never had a web site before, our group is accommodating unlike any other. We give the user the opportunity to upload files to a server which they can then access from nearly any device with an internet connection.

Virtual servers and private virtual servers offer many benefits to those looking for an affordable web hosting solution. Those mentioned above are just a few of them. Whether you’re a novice, an intermediate user, or with an advanced knowledge of web design, virtual servers are by and large the only option for a company looking to create, develop, or expand their web presence.

For a small business with concerns regarding reliability, affordability, and navigation, a virtual server is your best bet without a doubt.

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