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By May 9, 2013Data Center

miami data centerOne of the first things that people ask regarding cloud computing is security: security of data, information, and essentially, about the reliability and accessibility of everything in their cloud network. That’s why is a company of choice in which to develop one’s cloud network.’s Miami datacenter incorporates top notch security, highest in-class infrastructure, and is one of the five Tier-4 NAPs (network access points) in the United States. When you choose a cloud hosting solution from, you’re choosing one of the premier datacenters in the world.

There’s a reason why’s Miami datacenter is called the NAP of the Americas—because of its construction and power, it’s prepared to serve as the primary Internet gateway to Latin America

There are four main features of the Miami datacenter that serve as building blocks to its functionality: network topology, connectivity, network equipment, and monitoring. These foundational features are the reason for the superior performance and security provided

1.    Network topology: The’s Miami datacenter is called state-of-the-art for a reason. Every aspect of the datacenter has been designed with utmost security and reliability. The network is scalable, stable, and has been thoroughly tested to determine behaviour under any load condition.

2.    Connectivity: There is no such thing as too much redundancy. This Miami datacenter takes redundancy to the next level to provide the ultimate in network continuity and reliability. The datacenter is constantly monitoring the flow of information as to ensure the ultimate in hardware support.

3.     Network equipment: Only the best-in-class equipment and hardware is used in the Miami datacenter. Equipment is tested and continually evaluated to ensure network performance and reliability. Our Miami datacenter guarantees uptime at an unparalleled 99.999% reliability.

4.    Monitoring: Every aspect of’s Miami datacenter is monitored by external and internal systems for utilization and uptime. Any potential problems are quickly caught and dealt with, letting service continue at its high standard of operation.’s Miami datacenter not only provides security by way of its hardware—the facility itself is protected by the highest class building features. Equipment floors are kept at 32 feet above sea level and the datacenter itself is outside the FEMA 500-year designated flood zone. The Miami datacenter is constructed of 7 inch thick reinforced concrete panels, built to weather a Category 5 hurricane. The internal security is even more impressive.

This Miami datacenter is always on the watch for security issues—the facility is watched over by roving security guards, aided by cameras situated internally and externally. The only way to enter the datacenter is to pass a key card access system. In order to maintain facility security in terms of vehicles traffic, there are caged car traps at garage entry levels and secure loading docks.

As you can see,’s Miami datacenter provides the best in everything; your information is guaranteed to be safe and secure and you can be assured that the service you receive through is at the very same level of excellence. Global carriers, ISPs, educational institutions, and countless enterprises have enjoyed the experience and you can too. Call today for more information about how our technology can work for you.

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