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By October 7, 2013Miami Datacenter

miami web hostingWe live in the age of technology, plain and simple. Everything we do is somehow aided by technological devices in one way or another. We use laptops, cell phones and other various electronics for leisurely purposes, and even more often for business. When it comes to using said devices in a business setting, it is important to have a reliable and easy-to-use web hosting plan. Owning a business usually means that you have a website up and running. In order to create a professional and manageable web presence on the internet, you need a stable webhosting plan. If you’re looking for a Miami web hosting solution, is your best bet. has been a Miami web hosting leader since 1998. We provide many webhosting plans for newly created businesses, and also those that have already been established. Working with a reliable company is what is going to ultimately going to aid or hinder your business’s success. With the correct web hosting plan, your company can go a long way.

There are many different web hosting plans available to you and your company. Each plan fits a different need, and if yours doesn’t happen to be fulfilled, customization is available. There are two options for web hosting: virtual or dedicated. Virtual web hosting has sub-plans you can choose from which include Linux, Windows, ASP, PHP and Reseller. Virtual web hosting, or shared web hosting, deals with the hosting of many users on one server. Dedicated webhosting, however, allows for a business’s website to be the only one hosted on that server. It also allows for users to fully control and manage their websites and the data contained. When looking for a Miami web hosting plan for your business, a dedicated hosting solution might be your ideal choice.

Linux virtual web hosting provides a Linux infrastructure, and allows you to have a fully managed and secure environment in which to create your professional web presence. Windows hosting allows your website to run off of a Windows server. With this, you receive common hosted web technologies, such as .NET, PHP, MySQL and more. Reseller hosting is something completely different. You get to create and customize your own web hosting plans which can be provided to customers. acts as a sort of ghost writer in this respect, as we provide you with the necessary tools to create these plans to sell to your Miami web hosting customers. Who knew such an option was available!

All of the plans we feature are affordable even for growing businesses. Since we manage all of servers and hardware, there’s no need to spend your money on maintenance or replacements for damaged or broken machines. By allowing us to host all of your devices, we take care of the maintenance, which means that you can direct your funds to other areas of your business. We also provide 24/7/365 support services in case you should need any help, or have any questions about any of the features of your web hosting plan. When you choose to work with, you’re choosing a top-notch Miami web hosting company.

Not only are we a convenient choice, but we’re also a reliable one. Ninety-five percent of customers say they would recommend us. Because of our exceptional performance and responsible staff, you can be sure you’re getting the best service for your money. How can we best relay this confidence to our customers? Well, it’s simple – if you aren’t happy with any of our services that we have provided to you, we guarantee a full 30-day money back guarantee. That’s right – if you decide within 30 days that we are not living up to your expectations, we’ll refund you all of the money you spent on our services. As a leader in Miami web hosting, we take pride in knowing that not many, if any, of our customers need to utilize this function. But we are also proud to be able to provide it.

Every business is different, and can be at various stages of growth. understands this, and works to provide customizable and specific plans to fit your company’s needs. When looking for a Miami web hosting solution, turn to us here at for the most benefits and best value!


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