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VMware’s SRM Disaster Recovery Plan

By September 12, 2013Site Recovery Manager

VMware’s Site Recovery Manager, or SRM for short, has contributed in a revolutionary way to how disaster recovery plans are put together. The complete list of benefits that accompany SRM that have been touted by customers and tech experts alike are impossible to compile into any kind of list able to fit here. Among these are a reduced recovery time of systems, improved success of disaster recovery, the prioritization of disaster recovery resources based on your unique business needs, and the ability to test your disaster recovery plan on a regular basis.

In its’ simplest definition, SRM acts as your disaster recovery planner that outlines your recovery in the event of a disaster at your protected data center. The recovery plan for your virtual environment is stored at your Virtual Center and contains the exact steps needed in order to get the protected site/applications up and running again. Furthermore, SRM is able to synchronize all your Virtual Center data between the primary site and the backup site. SRM is able to provide role-based access control, audit trails, and the ability to export your recovery plan as needed.

The way that SRM is able to expand disaster protection was virtually unheard of before VMware introduced this service.

SRM allows for simple automated recovery plan management, non-disruptive testing of production environments, and automated migration and site recovery.

We  live in a time where traditional disaster solutions are expensive, complicated, and often faulty when protecting your constantly changing IT environment. SRM was designed to remedy the unfortunate situation of having to decide what applications are critical enough to your business to protect. SRM understands that protecting applications against disaster has never been more important than it is now and at an affordable low cost, the service guarantees that business owners of businesses large and small alike are protected with the same consistency.

SRM replaces traditional error prone recovery plans with simple automation. Eliminate the complexity from and regain control over the evolving IT environment of your business. SRM captures a complete recovery process in one centralized and simple plan that automates the vast majority of the traditional recovery steps. Fulfill your compliance requirements with documented recovery plans and test the results.

Meet response time objectives (RTO) with automated DR Failover and non-disruptive testing. Traditional process will often leave a business owner with manual processes and out of date runbooks that fail to meet the desired RTO, but with SRM, a fast and reliable recovery that meets your RTO objectives is ensured. Tests are completed frequently on SRM’s automated failover plans to eliminate the risk inherent with manual processes.

VMware has provided a service with SRM that allows a business owner to streamline planned migrations and preventive failovers, allowing you to avoid imminent disasters. SRM also eliminates the downtime common with maintenance windows. With SRM, the maintenance is done in the background and isn’t disruptive to employees – they won’t even know it’s happening! Zero data loss and application consistent recovery is guaranteed for planned migrations and the automated failback of virtual machines to their initial production site equates to more efficient routine migrations.

SRM is the best replication option for a business owner’s needs as it keeps things simple and efficient. Eliminate the need for identical high-end storage arrays over multiple sites and actually be able to manage replication directly through the Virtual Center server.

SRM puts the power back into the hands of the small business owner and gives them the same protection that was once reserved for larger, corporate businesses. VMware’s Site Recovery Manager makes disaster recovery a rapid, reliable, and manageable solution. Through the elimination of complex manual recovery steps and establishing non-disruptive testing of recovery plans, SRM removes the risk and worry. Ensure that ALL of your systems and applications are protected today with VMware’s SRM technologies.

The landscape of business has not changed, for the most part, in the last fifty years but technology has. Whether you’re a new business owner that has never had an effective disaster recovery plan, a business owner that has an existing disaster recovery plan that is based on traditional methods, or a business owner expanding their business and searching for something that is less costly – SRM is the answer.

An investment in SRM is an investment in your business – no business owner wants to be left with nothing in the event of an unplanned event that shuts down their IT environment.

Invest in yourself today with VMware’s SRM technologies.

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