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Doing Virtually Everything with Virtual Desktop VMware

By September 23, 2013VMware

vmware virtual desktopsVirtual office, virtual server, virtual desktop.  There seems to be no limit to the virtual realties of the modern office working environment.   On the cutting edge of this futuristic trend is’s virtual desktop VMware.

Virtual desktop VMware introduces a radical new way of managing employee work environments whereby all the desktops in the office are hosted and managed by a central data infrastructure.  This means all administration, updates and troubleshooting is done from one convenient point of access.  While the central premise of the software is probably enough to make you jump for joy, keep reading for even more tender morsels of goodness wrapped up inside the virtual desktop VMware package.

First off let’s address the typical barriers to adopting any new enterprise software.  A common fear among administrators, and rightly so, is changing too much too fast.  Users get confused and overwhelmed and the IT team gets caught working evenings and weekends in a process blueprint tunnel with no visible end.  Because of the complexity involved in migrating from any existing system to some newer and better platform, projects often get post-phoned. The beauty of virtual desktop VMware is that it can support the integration of an entire slew of operating systems and applications while allowing for individual machine customization.  The solution’s non-discriminating temperament facilitates the adoption of new IT processes in easy to swallow, bite-sized pieces, giving administrators time and space to breathe.  In fact, it is completely possible to get all the great benefits of VMware desktop virtualization without having to change a single other thing.  Problem solved! Let’s say you’ve already decided on virtual desktop VMware to simplify your office computing needs.  Aren’t you curious what else it can do? There are plenty of additional bells and whistles in this product to keep the IT department oohing and awing for months to come.  Here’s a quick overview of what’s coming down the pipeline.

 VMware View

VMware View is the utility that brings the virtual desktop to life.  Employees can access company software, applications and data on an otherwise empty machine, usually a thin client, through the magic of VMware view.   The secret to security with virtual desktop VMware view is that the only data exchanged between the thin client and the central server is ancillary information like keyboard and mouse commands.

VMware Horizon Application Manager

Also known as Horizon App manager, this virtual desktop VMware component manages access to software by connecting remote employees through a secure web portal.  Employees can tap into applications from anywhere with an internet connection while IT administrator retain full control over access privileges and security settings through active directory.

VMware Workstation

IT administrators turned scientists will love this test and development environment that creates virtual machines capable of being run directly on a traditional desktop.  Virtual desktop VMware Workstation gives administrators a test tube scenario where they can tinker with operating systems and run experiments in the cloud without any risk of interfering with the functioning enterprise IT system.  The tool provides a bridge to integrate these test and development labs to real life production environments facilitating seamless transition between the two.

VMware VMCI (VMware Virtual Machine Communication Interface)

Virtual desktop VMware VMCI is a communication portal that links up virtual computers on the same network.  By bypassing the network layer, VMCI keeps things moving by enabling applications to work even if access to the network is lost.  Note that VMCI is not a custom setting and must be manually installed.

Virtual desktop VMware resource pool

This application allows administrators to track and allocate the distribution of total physical computer hardware to virtual machines.  It gathers useful CPU and memory statistics and is capable of optimizing resource allocation according to values set by the administrator.  It simplifies the processes of analyzing end user needs, allocating and organizing resources on an ad hoc basis. is committed to your user management strategies and is standing by to help you implement a virtual desktop VMware system that will enhance your system’s stability, performance and manageability.  Our history of success allows us to offer you a risk-free experience in the form of a 100% money back guarantee.  Know that the success of your enterprise IT system is in safe hands.


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