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Virtual Success Comes Easy with VDI Plans

By March 21, 2013VDI Plans

Have you ever left the office and arrived home to suddenly remember you needed to find and send information to a client? It’s too bad that all the data and programs you need to do this are on your computer at work. Unfortunately, this results in you having to leave your client waiting. This is the type of situation that reduces efficiency, delays projects, damages your client relationships, and can ultimately slow down your business. If this scenario has ever happened to you (or you hope that it doesn’t), you will want to hear about’s VDI plans.

What is a VDI plan? VDI is a tech-term that stands for “virtual desktop infrastructure.” Let’s analyze this to see what it really means. The term “virtual” means that something has changed state but still retains its original characteristics. For example, you can partition your flash drive into two separate sections—but you can still interact with and think of it as a single resource. “Desktop” refers to the graphical user interface, aka GUI, presented by your computer’s operating system. Your desktop consists of icons that show the organization of your files and data.

“Infrastructure” is essentially how something works and why. In a nutshell, having a VDI plan allows you to access everything that’s on your work computer’s desktop, from any other computer with an internet connection.
Now we know what a VDI is, maybe you will have remembered having heard terms like “cloud desktop,” or “desktop as a service.” These are just other names for what VDI plans do.

So how does it work?

An easy way to understand how VDI plans work is to do this: imagine your home computer. You keep all your information and files on your computer, install anti-virus protection, lots of software, and even a few games. All of these are accessible from your desktop. Now imagine all the computers in your office: they all have data, software, and applications on them. That’s a lot of information and software to maintain and keep safe. If seven computers get viruses on them, you will have to install antivirus programs on each computer. Alternately, if you want all the computers at work to have a new piece of software on them, you will have to install that on each and every computer. VDI completely changes this.

A VDI plan virtualizes your desktop. All the information that is seen on your computer’s desktop is not actually stored there—it only looks like it is. That’s where the “virtual” comes in. Everything—software, applications, information—that is on your desktop is safely stored in another location on a server. Your computer talks to this server, and your server sends the information to you. You click on a software icon, and the request is sent to the server—the server is where the software is installed, and runs it for you.
Think of what this makes possible—extreme efficiency. Instead of installing numerous office computers with the same software one by one, you install the software on the server that runs the VDI plan. This server now pushes the software to every one of the computers that is connected to it. This works from small programs, to entire operating systems. Management of your computer network is simplified with a VDI plan.

Another benefit to VDI plans is the security they offer. Since all the data is kept safe in one area, if a computer fails, is stolen, or is damaged, it does not affect the integrity of the data. You are also able to stop viruses and other types of malware from one source—the server where the VDI plan is implemented.

Did you also know that VDI plans are a “green” technology alternative? Instead of each computer holding, saving, and running software, only the server does that. This allows for a great reduction in electricity being used, reducing your company’s carbon footprint and saving you money.
The VDI plans offered by offer you simplicity, ease of management, and security. VDI plans also feature friendly 24/7 support and provide daily backups. Each plan is scalable to your business, thereby offering you a valuable service that fits your current, as well as future, needs.

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