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Virtual Private Server Hosting: The Perfect Solution for a Growing Business

By March 25, 2013Virtual Hosting

Do you ever feel as if your company is caught between hosting plans? Lots of businesses start feeling the rigidity of a shared hosting plan when their websites start to gain lots of traffic. But if your company has outgrown shared hosting, what’s the best choice for you? You know you would like a cost-effective solution that is still efficient and provide the power you need. You also want security and the ability to customize. Is there a hosting solution that can provide all of this? If you’ve asked yourself that question before, virtual private server hosting could be the best solution for you.

What exactly is virtual private server hosting (VPS)?

To understand the concept of a virtual server, first let’s look at what a server is and what it does. A server is a machine on a network that manages that network’s resources. For example, a company’s server processes your request to update a website and connects you to that website online. A network is created when two or more computers are linked together and managed by a server. The way VPS hosting works is that it virtualizes a server.

Virtualization means that something has changed state but can still be thought of as the same—for example, you can partition your hard drive to have multiple operating systems, but you still think of it as a single hard drive. This is a bit of an abstract concept that can take some getting used to.  Think of it this way: with virtual private server hosting, you are essentially using a virtual machine that can be run like multiple servers. Your VPS allows you full system configuration, customization, and administration, just as if you were using a dedicated server.

What are the implications of this? A virtual private server is incredibly cost-effective. For one thing, you only pay for the resources you need. You decide how much memory, disk-space, and what processor speed you want. This allows the system to be easily scaled to grow with your company’s needs. If you want to change something, all you have to do is ask for more resources to be added to your system.

Another show of the cost-effectiveness of virtual private server hosting is the fact that one server can manage multiple websites. Lots of businesses manage more than one website. Instead of paying for use of more than one server (which can get very expensive), you can use one virtual server. If you run your own business, or have several websites, you can imagine the cost savings that using a VPS will provide.

Having all your websites run with virtual private serving hosting also means efficient and easy management. Instead of making changes to each website through its own server, you can make all changes through one virtual server. This type of website management is called centralized administration.

A good way to decide if virtual private server hosting is the right choice for you, is to compare it with other types of hosting. Shared hosting is good for small businesses with only a few websites, whereas dedicated hosting provides you with a server of your own, but at a price. Cloud hosting is similar to VPS hosting but provides more of an “on-demand” type service. Each type of hosting has its merits, but for those of you who want power and cost-effectiveness, efficient and easy scalability, VPS hosting might be the perfect solution for you.

If you think virtual private server hosting will be the best choice for your business, or if you simply want to find out more about what it can offer you, can help. provides a range of VPS hosting solutions to fit your company’s needs and preferences with plans aimed towards the needs of professionals, small business, corporate, or enterprise level users. VPS solutions include both Linux and Windows hosting plans with a 100% uptime guarantee. Solutions also include anti-virus and anti-spam filters, free website scripts, webmail, MSSQL + MySQL + Postgre SQL Databases, multimedia features, and website statistics.

No matter what VPS hosting plan you choose, a solution from will help you create, and maintain, online success.

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