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Virtual Private Server Hosting Gives Consumers Affordable Control

By May 26, 2013Virtual Hosting

Websites are an integral part of modern communication. The process of creation can range from single page sites to interactive, multipage communities. Before deciding upon a hosting service, it’s important to assess the skill level of yourself or team and evaluate potential growth of your online presence. Websites operate on a server that is connected to the Internet. People access that website through your domain name. It’s the functionality of a website and the control to guide that functionality which determines the best form of hosting for your needs. Shared hosting contains multiple sites on a single server, limiting resources and space for an individual’s website. Dedicated hosting allows a site to exist on a single server, whereby all hardware is controlled for upmost security, space, and traffic. Virtual private server (VPS) hosting falls between shared and dedicated hosting. A physical server is divided into virtual components that operate as if they were independent machines, allowing the individual to run their own server software.

Though resources and cost is still shared, virtual private server hosting provides security from other virtual servers because they are isolated from one another. The consumer is able to run their own operating system by customizing their own software. Each virtual server is allocated its own resources and space so other files will not affect it. The consumer has administrative access, their own control panel, an independent domain name and the ability to reboot the system remotely.

Virtual private server hosting is recommended for those who have outgrown shared web hosting and want the characteristics of dedicated hosting without the cost. There are several indications that you should upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting. Foremost, your website has a large amount of files, diverse content and high traffic (over 1000 visits per day). This drives the need for speed to accommodate the growth. Secondly, your need for security has increased and you would like to manage your own server backups and control your own website maintenance. Third, there is a need for multiple accounts and you want to manage your own client hosting needs through reseller hosting.

With control, comes responsibility. Overseeing a VPS requires flexibility and technological knowledge. This means keeping the system up to date and fixing the server in the event of a crash.

Virtual private server hosting may be economical and scalable to a consumer’s needs, but it may not be a permanent choice if your website continues to see growth. In this case, dedicated hosting is the next option. As previously mentioned, dedicated hosting uses a single server. While it provides all the resources for customization, full administrative access and control, it can be a more expensive option and your website’s value should be evaluated to decide if it could support dedicated hosting features. supplies all levels of web hosting plans, ranging from shared hosting to VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Depending on your website needs and expertise, they have dedicated tech support to stay connected with users and ensure the best hardware and software to accommodate any level of growth and scalability while maintaining the highest quality. You can guarantee we have a service best suited to your requirements or your money back.

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