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Utilizing Virtual Desktop VMware Solutions

By July 18, 2013VMware

When it comes to having the most up-to-date technological advancements at ones fingertips, the virtualization of your desktop is among the top contenders. For anybody in the business community, security, flexibility and reliability are key to maintaining efficiency and profitability. This is no exception when discussing VMware solutions, in particular the creation of a virtual desktop. There are many aspects of virtual desktop VMware solutions that are advantageous to any businesses utilizing more than one piece of IT hardware, a few of which will be discussed below.

When it comes to any new piece of virtualization software, it is imperative that users are able to easily traverse it. With virtual desktop VMware solutions, users can expect the same quality virtualization platform with improved efficiency and reliability. The benefit of VMware VDI is that the desktop will come across the same as a normal PC, with the same ease of use and familiar pathways that users already experience. Applications will remain intact and operate as per usual, with no new installation or updates required. Not only does this mean that users will feel instantly comfortable with their virtual desktop, but should a business implement this, no money needs to be spent on retraining for this platform.

Although virtualization does not change how users traverse their desktop environment, administrators can allow users to customize their desktops as much as they are comfortable with. Installations and customization can all occur within the comfortable bounds of a traditional desktop environment, with the added virtual desktop VMware solution bonus. If users have any issues with the newly virtualized desktop environment, many of the issues are entirely resolvable online rather than in person. Thanks to the intricate and extensive help network set up by VMware, all VDI related queries can be answered and resolved online though their data centre help desk. This reduces the amount of time users will go without full access to their desktops, meaning that fewer hours will be wasted, and productivity will rise. This is only enhanced with the fact that virtual desktops take only a manner of minutes to deploy and become operational, thereby saving time and allowing users to return to work promptly.   Another key reason that many organizations have chosen virtual desktop VMware solutions is the added control and security that administrators can benefit from. Using VDI to streamline desktop environments, IT administrators can quickly take control of which users have access to which areas. Although users can exert a great deal of flexibility of access in a variety of physical environments, they will only have access to the desktop areas that they have permission for. In addition, due to desktop centralization, hardware costs are reduced and application updates are even simpler to track and implement. Users can travel with ease, knowing that their access to the desktop environment will always be accessible, and should they need to locate any data, centralized systems make it easy to do so.

Part and parcel of having a virtual desktop is having immediate access to better and more sophisticated disaster recovery strategies. With limited hardware desktops, disaster recovery solutions need to be much more costly in order to have the same effectiveness as a virtual desktop. Hence, installing virtual desktop VMware solutions, businesses can take comfort in knowing that their data is far more easily protected in the case of a physical or network error. Due to the centralized and virtual nature of data storage, any physical damage to a system does not mean permanent loss of data. Instead, desktops could be up and running again in a very short period of time, allowing staff to return to work promptly.

Cost effectiveness is key to any business, particularly when it comes to ensuring the productivity of staff. When administrators choose to switch to a virtual desktop environment, they are ensuring that staff have access at all times, without needing to be in the physical space of an office environment, This also saves on hardware costs and storage costs that would be otherwise necessary when updating systems. With virtual desktop VMware solutions, any and all updates are simple, quick and cost effective. Soon, all businesses will be utilizing virtual desktops and cloud technology; it is undoubtedly the future of desktop environments.

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