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Using VEEAM to backup VMWare environments

By August 25, 2014Uncategorized, VMware uses Veeam as its backup solution for VMware backup, recovery and replication. The service provider uses Veeam Backup & Replication in order to provide fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of its customers’ virtualized applications and data.

Veeam unifies backup and replication in a single solution and enhances data protection for VMware and Microsoft virtual environments. Virtual environments create unique challenges and need solutions built specifically for virtualization. Leveraging the capabilities and benefits of the virtual environment, Veeam helps organizations modernize their data protection strategy while mitigating daily management risks. employs Veeam because the solution reduces backup and recovery time by 95 percent, while concurrently reducing admin time and costs. Veeam allows for recovery a failed virtual machine in as little as two minutes.  The solution also allows for the recovery of an individual object from any virtualized application on any operating system.  In addition, the solution permits backup and granular recovery from storage snapshots.

With Veeam, reduces its downtime and data loss of its VMware customers, as well as the total cost of ownership of their data protection solution. Veeam is storage agnostic, as such, it works with any physical hardware.  Veeam also includes sophisticated compression and deduplication, which allows for the management of large volumes of data generated by image-based backups. With such functionality, is able to reduce backup storage consumption and the amount of data sent over the network. Veeam, as a result, can cut backup storage requirements up to 75 percent by compressing backup and network traffic and eliminating duplicate blocks of data.

Combined with bandwidth throttling and scheduling capabilities,’s Veeam solution extends the protection of VMware environments to offsite locations in the cloud. Off-site storage of backups therefore do not only have to reside at They can be configured to also provide supplementary backup by turning any public storage cloud into easy-to-use data repositories for corporate backups. The solution can automatically copy backups to Amazon, Azure or any one of 19 leading public clouds and add offsite archiving to local recovery capabilities.

With the use of Veeam tools, can also ensure 24×7 monitoring of virtualized backup infrastructure.  To control advanced features, Veeam has a Web-based dashboard console.  The dashboard console allows customers to easily identify unprotected virtual machines, optimize backup resources, and automatically document backup status. The dashboard visualization allows users to implement proper backup and retention policies without requiring extra backups, copy scripts or capabilities like storage-based file replication.

One great advantage is that the Veeam solution is agentless, so organizations can stop wasting time and energy on deploying and managing individual agents on each virtual machine. With a single license and from a unified console, organization can protect their entire virtual infrastructure with industry-leading features such as instant recovery, granular file and application-item recovery and virtual machine replication.

Due to all the features, believes that Veeam is the best solution for ensuring the protection, performance and availability of virtual environments of all sizes.  Increasing data volumes and escalating performance and availability demands make effective protection and management of virtual infrastructure for workplace applications more important than ever. With Veeam,’s customers are provided the power and ease of a single solution that addresses their most  backup and replication needs.

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