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The World of Cloud Replication

By August 12, 2013Cloud Servers

Anyone that knows computer experts has heard the phrases “Save your work!” and “Do you ever do a backup of your files?” In personal computer use, the message appears to have worked. External hard drives and USB sticks are used millions of times every day to safeguard the precious information from technical failure and loss. On the business front, the same could have been said to be true a few years ago. That is, exactly the same thing: external hard drives and USB sticks were and still are hard at work at businesses and organizations worldwide, as backup copies and reserve copies and read-only copies of files are made.


This technology, however, will now cause headaches to your IT department and lead to nightmares as far as duplicates and corrupted copies are concerned. Moreover, these copies are more often than not stored on the same servers as the originals, which further diminishes their end value. The catch phrase for keeping up with the times in the area of backing up your hard work is cloud replication.

Cloud replication takes the stress out of your head and allows your IT staff to focus on day-to-day operations instead of tracking down backup copies and further fruitlessly educating other team members on the intricacies of data protection. The basic process hands over these worries to an expert that then handles everything for your organization. At the same time, you do not lose control of the information and have all of the files you need readily available. A complete copy of everything in your office database is created on the service provider’s secure server. As soon as something new is created or a file is modified, these changes are reflected in the replicated version (the important difference when compared to a backup copy on your own server is that the replicated version is fully live and usable). Basically, the question is not whether you should consider opting for cloud replication, but how you should go about it.

It is essential that your cloud service provider be one that you can trust and that has sufficient experience to handle this scope of work. If you wouldn’t trust someone with the keys to your business and its intellectual property, don’t trust them to conduct this service for you. Cloud replication is a complex technological transaction that is only made manageable through the dedicated work of an expert team. Thousands and potentially millions of data transfers happen between your server and the replication server, which makes guarantee of excellent technical performance mandatory. Mistakes and errors made during cloud replication setup can lead to not only disappointing, but even devastating results. No one would want to find out in a situation of system failure that the replication backup system was not properly configured and thus cannot be used to substitute for the crashed one.

Many companies now offer cloud computing services. New ones come up almost daily and immediately purport to have the necessary experience and technical base for the most complex operations with your data. A name that many larger businesses (that have a lot to lose if things go wrong) have come to trust when it comes to cloud replication, within the wider range of other cloud and hosting services, is Take a look: any review of will show that in 15 years, they have built up an enviable reputation among their customers as a secure option with solid network reliability and a highly responsive customer service team. Their Miami datacenter is state-of-the-art. Their system for proactively monitoring for and resolving issues is acclaimed. They have one of the best customer retention rates known to man. If all of this wasn’t enough, they are so confident in their performance that they offer a 30-day free trial period.

Searching for a better option is certainly a good plan, but this one does stand out from the crowd in a very positive light. Delving into the world of cloud computing is daunting enough without having to be constantly suspicious of your service provider. After all, cloud replication is a process that demands the highest degree of trust and integrity. Trusting an expert certainly seems like the only way to go about it.

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