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Sucuri CloudProxy Stopped 12,000+ Attacks on our WordPress Site in 6 Months

sucuri website firewallIt’s hard work securing your website from brute force attacks, malware, DDoS, blacklisting + so many other challenges that website owners experience on a daily basis.

The good news is that we have discovered an affordable and easy to manage solution – CloudProxy (the Sucuri Website Firewall).

How does it work?

Simply change your DNS A records to point to the CloudProxy firewall IP addresses. As a result, all of your site’s traffic will be redirected to CloudProxy where they will filter malicious traffic, blocking it from reaching your site.

As a bonus, you also benefit from better performance and speed, due to their caching optimization.

CloudProxy website firewall

How much does it cost?

For only $15 a month any website can be configured and protected in less than 5 minutes. It also supports any type of platform, from WordPress, Joomla, vBulletin to Magento, and even custom designs, and it includes SSL.

See what happens when a website is being attacked

What happens when someone tries to login to your WordPress dashboard?

Glad you asked! Here’s an example of what you will see if an IP address that not whitelisted tries to access your site.

sucuri ip blocked

If you want to allow a specific IP access to your admin interface, a link can be provided via Sucuri that allows them access.

sucuri whitelist IP

It’s that simple, but behind the scenes Sucuri is complex and sophisticated.

The most affected website platforms in 2016

Based on a recent report, the three most affected CMS platforms are WordPress, Joomla! and Magento.

CMS platforms security risk

In a nutshell, over 78% of all the websites that Sucuri protected in the first quarter of 2016 were running on WordPress, followed by Joomla! at 14%.

In all instances, regardless of platform, the leading cause of infection could be traced to the exploitation of software vulnerabilities in the platform’s extensible components, not its core. Extensible components directly relate to the integration of plugins, extensions, components, modules, templates, themes and other similar integrations.

Our results when using Sucuri’s CloudProxy Firewall over 6 months


sucuri blocked threats wordpress
Here’s a break down of some of the commonly blocked requests:

Bad bot access denied (6,612 blocked attempts)
DDOS attempt blocked (4,512 blocked attempts)
Evasion attempt denied (1,041 blocked attempts)
Request not authorized (75 blocked attempts)
Backdoor location denied (71 blocked attempts)
Exploit blocked by virtual patching (48 blocked attempts)
SQL injection was detected and blocked (10 blocked attempts)

Six reasons we recommend Sucuri for your website

It’s a great solution for eCommerce

The bad guys will try to exploit your website and take advantage of sensitive customer information. Your online business is crucial, and getting hacked is not an option. From infections that intercept payment processes, to getting blacklisted and losing loyal customers, no eCommerce website can afford the time and stress of dealing with the aftermath of an intrusion. The Sucuri Website Firewall has Professional and Business plans available that support your SSL certificate. A Website Application Firewall is one of the main requirements to becoming PCI compliant, and not without good reason.

Protects your site from DDoS attacks

  • Global, distributed network with 28 points of presence
  • Use of anycast for both DNS and HTTP/HTTPS
  • Protection from all types of DDoS attacks
  • Expertise from protecting over 1 million businesses
  • No limit on attack size
  • Predictable pricing; pricing not based on attack size
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Legitimate traffic can still access your content

Blocks all brute force attacks

Using a combination of detection methods and whitelisting, the Sucuri Website Firewall is able to stop brute force attempts in their tracks. Whether using bad bots, scanning tools, or semi-manual methods, you can stop unauthorized login attempts on your critical website access points. Save your website users from having credentials stolen and used for malicious purposes.

It’s compatible with any website or CMS including WordPress!

It makes your site faster

High Performance Servers – The best of breed servers, on multiple data centers throughout the world.
Smart Caching – Speed up your site with several levels of caching available.
High Performance And Global Network – With nodes on the USA (East, Central and West), Canada, Europe (UK and France), Asia (Japan), Brazil and Australia.
One-click SPDY Support – You can enable SPDY (SPeeDY) support on your sites directly from their dashboard.
One-click GZIP Support – You can enable GZIP (compression) support on your sites.
Highly optimized configuration – Fine-tuned the settings to give you maximum performance and protection.

Set up takes 5 minutes

It’s easy, intuitive and immediate.

The reporting is phenomenal

sucuri cloudproxy reporting

At a glance you can see an overview of blocked and allowed requests, details of the threats and there is also the option to receive reports via email. You can also watch in real time, and see in detail the country of origin, date, time, IP address and event/request that occurred.

sucuri reporting

Be proactive about your website’s security now

If you would like to activate Sucuri Website Firewall protection, simply get in touch with us and we will have CloudProxy set up and firing on all cylinders – fast.

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