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Shared Web Hosting Offers Economical and Reliable Websites

People are no longer restricted to sitting in front of their computer to access the web.  Media devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and even televisions, offer browser capabilities that allow information to become instantly available with little navigation. These tools are easy to use and shape online delivery for the future. With this in mind, businesses and individuals are looking for web hosts that can offer quality web presence, fast and convenient uploading, reliable infrastructure and competitive solutions to reach people wherever they decide to search a domain. Shared web hosting uses a single server or special computer to host several websites. This form of web hosting is outsourced, meaning that technology experts maintain software and security, manage the server, monitor resources, ensure privacy and tend to system administration.

Entry-level users, individuals and small businesses can all benefit from shared web hosting. It allows those without tech skills to share operating costs with others as a way to have a website. Beyond economical savings, shared hosting consumers are free from handling complex hardware and infrastructure – perfect for an average website user. They are, however, responsible for their website’s content and design, granting them the creative freedom to promote their product, service or information.

Some features of shared web hosting include attractive templates and publishing tools, both available to the consumer for easy uploads. The convenience of a bundled package also saves consumer’s time when deciding on the services they need. Most packages contain the basic resources for a successful site, such as access to traffic analytics, designated space and bandwidth, updates, email forwarding, applications and 24/7-technology support. Sharing a server can also result in improved company focus, allowing the individual or business to spend time building their reputation or content, without worrying about the backend infrastructure. Shared web hosting has also expanded its individual users, who find the convenience beneficial for day-to-day activities, such as sending email, staying in touch with others, taking their small business online, sharing photographs or managing content, bills and other personal organization.

While shared web hosting is a popular resource for low-budget, no-fuss users, some websites require more than a shared server to accommodate their needs. Websites with complex software or a personal tech team prefer private or dedicated server hosting, which allows them to work on their own server. This eliminates usage limits and allots for large amounts of storage and incoming traffic to a site.

What differentiates free web hosting from fee-based web hosting is the quality of service and support. Free web host’s mission is to collect advertising revenue and they generally lack in service depth, resulting in slow access to websites. is a Miami-based web network that is dedicated to providing support to customers. They are constantly monitoring, analyzing and improving technologies for the best reliable network performance. If you are interested in dedicated or shared web hosting, has every web-based service suited to your needs and their support team is there to offer their expertise and help when you need it.

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