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SAN Replication Offers Security and Peace of Mind

By May 13, 2013SAN replication

Every business needs the security of knowing that their information and network is safe: safe from natural disaster, human error, or any other damaging situation. That’s why having a SAN replication system in place is an excellent feature of any company’s disaster continuity plan. A SAN replication system ensures backup of your entire network’s data—and stores it away safely. But for the non-technical people out there, the concept of network backup might be a bit confusing. Before analyzing the business advantages, let’s discuss what a SAN is.

There are so many acronyms in the IT world; and SAN is one of them. It’s the shortened term for “storage area network.” You might be thinking, that’s all well and good, but what does that really mean? Essentially, a SAN is a system of devices connected to your computer network. This means that these little devices can communicate with all the computers in your business. The SAN communicates with your computer network to replicate all of the information found within it; then all of that copied information is then stored.

Why is SAN replication such a big deal? It’s because of its capabilities. Not many backup devices can do what SANs do. Their unique architecture allows for an almost instant movement of data; whereas, most replication and backup systems take a long time to accomplish the task. This means that you gain an almost immediate increase in efficiency when you implement a SAN replication system.

What other advantages do SAN replication systems bring to the table? One word: scalability. There is one aspect to any IT solution that either makes or breaks a deal and this is flexibility. If a solution cannot be modified to accommodate future growth or change, then it’s only viable for the time being. SAN replication systems are an excellent example of a scalable solution. As your company and network grows, your storage needs do too. When you have a SAN replication system in place, all you need to do is add extra storage devices. It’s that simple.

Another benefit to SAN replication systems is that they provide a protective net for any situation that may damage your business. Lots of businesses only plan for huge disasters—like tornados or flooding—but they don’t often think about the little things that can have just as huge an effect. One person, by accident, can wipe out a lot of data. One computer or server being damaged can do the same. Then there’s the virtual threats to think about: malware, viruses, and anything else that can spread like wildfire through your network, infecting and decaying all the information inside. This is just one reason why SAN replication is a great solution—it protects your data against anything that might come your way. offers SAN replication solutions that offer your business peace of mind and efficiency. Plans are created around your business, ensuring that your unique needs are met and exceeded. Protect your invaluable information—contact for more information or a consultation on setting up your personalized SAN replication system.

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