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5 Technologies that Give SMBs an Enterprise-Class Advantage

By January 15, 2013smb_technology

It’s no secret that large corporations spend big budgets to ensure they have the latest technology for continued growth, efficiency and to stay competitive.  Where does this leave the Small to Medium Size Businesses (SMBs) who have the same aspirations but on a limited budget?  How can they compete?

The answer is by choosing a trusted company who can eliminate costly IT expenses and deliver enterprise-class solutions for a fixed monthly charge. makes this possible by absorbing the fees of ownership and allowing SMBs to simply rent high-end corporate technology worry-free.

Below are five intuitive technologies that offer SMBs an affordable enterprise-class advantage.  I chose to  omit the technical details and specifications of the products to emphasize the point that you don’t have to be technical for your company to benefit. If you are interested or have questions about the technical details please contact us through our web site: We have a team of experts waiting to discuss your technical questions.

1. Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 Mailbox with Unlimited Storage.  Your company can have Microsoft Outlook with unlimited access to your company emails, calendars, attachments, contacts, and many more options retrievable from any virtual device.

2. Hosted Microsoft SharePoint Plans. Hosted Microsoft SharePoint centralizes a point for sharing documents, file management, intranet portals, team projects, business intelligence and whatever else your business needs. SharePoint is easily accessed through desktops, smartphones and tablets.

3. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or  VDI. I am particularly fond of this product, VDI substantially cuts traditional computer costs while keeping your company virtually connected. VDI is simply a desktop in a secure cloud. Your employees can access their desktop virtually through an internet connection and a device by simply logging in with a password. This is also a great way to protect your business intelligence because no data is stored on the desktop.

4. VPS. To secure your company in a hosted environment without purchasing, housing and maintaining a costly infrastructure. Choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS)  (sometimes referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server – VDS). VPS allows you to store your company applications in your own secure cloud with an exclusive file system, CPU power, bandwidth, memory and more.

5. Disaster Recovery.  An invaluable technology that offers your business data backup.  Most companies have their core business intelligence on their network. Disaster Recovery properly backs up your data while  protecting  your vital information, especially during times of adversity.

There is no need to learn a new technology just to manage one of these solutions. A team of experts is ready to assist with your questions, set up, and beyond so you can focus on what is important to you – your business.

I  am interested in your feedback; especially if  there is a technology listed that would help your business elevate to the next level.

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