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Maximize Office Efficiently With Hosted Microsoft Exchange

By July 10, 2013Uncategorized

A Hosted Microsoft Exchange solution: what does that mean for you? For companies who have implemented a hosted Exchange solution, it means success, efficiency, and security.  As a business owner, you probably look for ways to maximize the work day, to get as much out of your business as you put in. This is where Microsoft Exchange can benefit you—efficiency is an intrinsic part of its design.

How does it work?

Microsoft Exchange is an elegant piece of software that successfully merges three essential office essentials: calendar, instant messaging, and email. Instead of using three different software platforms for three functions, you and your employees can make the move to Exchange. Because the platform is the same, learning how to use the email, calendar and messaging features takes less time, letting you work efficiently and easily. Public folders allow for easy sharing of appointments and other information, with staff able to access and contribute to shared resources whether offline or online. Having a common location for discussions offers instantaneous communication and digital content sharing. This is the main characteristic of the hosting experience—ease of access.

What else can a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution do for your company?

One of the benefits of a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution that companies rave about is its instant accessibility. Exchange was designed to be used on not just computers, but on any device or operating system with an internet connection. This means that you will be able to access your Microsoft Exchange account through your smart phone while on a business trip. It means that you can access files and messages at home while on your laptop. Any changes made on one device will automatically be synched to any other devices; this synchronization includes everything in your calendar, your mailbox, your contacts, and any other folders with archived documents. A hosted Microsoft Exchange solution gives you the control and freedom like no other piece of office software.

What about security? The hosted Microsoft Exchange software has you covered. With the increase in severity and sophistication of email and viral corruption threats, protecting the safety of data and content contained in communications is immensely important. Exchange features built-in malware and virus protection, which scans all incoming emails for potential “bugs.” This built-in virus protection also offers a defence against unwanted spam and phishing attempts, while continuing to ensure that all legitimate emails do not get caught in the filters. In addition, Exchange offers security protocol support that allow users to encrypt e-mails and attachments with digital signatures when operating outside company firewalls. This ensures that no matter what device Hosted Microsoft Exchange is being accessed on, the files and information kept within will be protected and secure.

Another neat safety feature of hosted Microsoft Exchange is its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) aspect. While the anti-malware protection works to protect data loss from the outside, DLP protects your information from the inside. It gives you the opportunity to mark files with security clearance levels: only certain employees will be able to access certain information. This ensures that no mail is sent or information shared with those without proper security clearance. The DLP feature can also be customizable to incorporate your company’s unique security policies, making the hosted Microsoft Exchange solution as safe and secure a program as you could ever want. The desirability of Exchange has been noted, but what is the benefit of choosing a hosted version? For most businesses, running an Exchange server in-house is just too much effort, not to mention the added cost that this entails. The cost of running an MS Exchange server can be upwards of $10,000 plus cost of staff maintenance time. This is why a hosted Microsoft exchange option is much more cost-effective.

Why choose for your hosted Microsoft Exchange experience? It is an economical, practical, and efficient way to provide Exchange throughout your office and multiple site locations. delivers reliable, scalable and secure hosting solutions: the company offers customers a choice between different hosted Microsoft Exchange plans with a range in features and functions, letting you choose what is best for your business. All of’s hosted Microsoft Exchange solutions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please contact for more information on how a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution can benefit your business.

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