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The Many Benefits of a Miami Datacenter

By October 4, 2013Miami Datacenter's Dedicated Server offering

Looking for security and performance at a good price? Look no further than

A datacenter is a hub that houses the technology infrastructure of many companies.   It is often a massive collection of hardware and software components capable of storing and processing enormous amounts of data. Network operation engineers work behind the scenes to ensure that the intricate systems used to process, store and protect business data are all functioning smoothly.  The optimal location of a data centre is in a place with a well-developed fiber optics network and generally strong network connectivity.  A Miami datacenter has long since been regarded as a strong candidate among IT professionals due to its strong networks and proximity to the South American market.  The unique positioning of a Miami datacenter combines the security and simplicity of U.S. protocols and standards with the geographical proximity to the growing Latin American markets.

Datacenters range from small to gigantic and can offer a wide range of services from simple information storage to hosting of complex organizational applications.  Some can even act as a central hub connecting clients with their suppliers, end users and other members of the information supply chain.

Choosing the right Miami datacenter will depend on the unique needs of your business as well as an evaluation of performance against industry benchmarks.

First and foremost is an evaluation of the technological fertility of the site.  There are huge benefits in the clustering of information technology services which are fully realized in an area rich with fiber loops, alternate power grids and international cable landings. is strategically located in the heart of many telecommunications carrier networks and is a long-standing Miami datacenter.  Its data housing services are completely carrier neutral and include the latest in peering network technology.

The datacenter administrator relationship should be a long term one and therefore it’s important to choose a Miami datacenter who can not only meets the needs of your business today but through all of its future evolutions as well.  High standards of modularity and scalability allow to mold and form services to the changing environment of your operations. is one of the five Tier-4 NAP’s in the world and the only Miami datacenter which was designed with a long term vision of providing the most comprehensive internet services to markets across the Americas.

Telecommunications is a field that never stands still and data functionality is best protected in an environment that embraces the latest hardware developments.   Look for a Miami datacenter that is constantly researching and developing new hardware solutions to keep ahead of potential threats to the performance or protection of enterprise information.’s commitment to early adoption of new information technology advancements will translate into increases efficiency and business continuity for your organization.

Core elements of a Miami datacenter like data redundancy and connectivity are bolstered by the industry partnerships and synergies maintained by the online host.’s IT fabric is tightly monitored by internal and external facilitators to provide a zero down time experience for clients.  This commitment to connectivity is enforced by a team of 24/7 emergency responders who are highly trained and poised to resolve any connectivity challenges in the blink of an eye.

As a part of their data protection and disaster recovery plans, many organizations turn to a Miami datacenter.  With power consumption on the rise and increasing risk of blackouts, a highly available data hosting service requires access to multiple power grids, preferably including an internal source.  Also important are thorough mechanisms to protect the physical location of information.  Hardware components must be stored in specific conditions to ensure their proper functioning in the long term.  The right datacenter environment is carefully controlled to have precise levels of temperature and humidity that are integral to protecting the physical hardware objects.   The geographical location of a Miami datacenter negates the importance of strong hurricane and earthquake proofing strategies.

Digital information is vulnerable to threats from both human and natural causes and is best protected by a Miami datacenter possessing a comprehensive network of infrastructure, industry partnerships and physical safeguards. has been successfully managing and protecting enterprise data for years and offers a quality of service guarantee backed by complex systems of monitoring and controlling their extensive network system.  Backup generators and fire suppression systems are examples of the many safeguards employed by that have led to their unparalleled industry track record.






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