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Jelastic CPU doubled with no price increase!

By July 12, 2016Jelastic

Today, Jelastic announced that they have increased CPU for dynamic and reserved cloudlets from 128 MB RAM + 200 MHz of CPU to 128 MB RAM + 400 MHz CPU. The best part, the price remains the same.


Jelastic CPU doubled

So what does this mean for existing Jelastic users?

All changes have been automatically applied to existing and newly created environments, so no steps are required to take advantage of these new beefed up, super fast cloudlets.

When considering this upgrade, the team at Jelastic realized that increasing the size of cloudlets is well suited for a wider range of applications and workloads, including web and game projects, analytic servers and databases, builds and batch processing, and more.

Increasing the CPU performance by 100% will significantly speed up cloud applications that intensively use CPU. Therefore, Jelastic Cloud hosting powered by is even more cost effective and optimized in terms of computing performance.

Let’s take a closer look at how the pricing works

The Scaling Limit sets a maximum number of cloudlets that can be allocated for each server, so you can use it to define a maximum budget for your project. Subsequently, cloudlets will be automatically added to your servers based on application resource consumption. These are called Dynamic Cloudlets because they’re dynamically added (as your resource usage increases) and removed (as your resource usage decreases). So, you pay based on the actual hourly usage.

Jelastic Scaling

These scaling ranges are individually configured for each server instance, so you can specify separate limits for each container, depending on your requirements.

Jelastic USA pricing

All Jelastic costs are based on usage not allocation – meaning you only pay for resources consumed!

There are only 4 resources you have to pay for on our Jelastic PaaS: Cloudlets, Disk Space, Traffic & Public IP Addresses.

Jelastic pricing USA

Take Jelastic for a free 14 day test drive now! Calculate your costs with our pricing calculator.

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