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Hyper V Replication

By September 12, 2013Hyper V Replication

Every business has data and information that they need to be kept safe and secure in order for their business to remain successful and in working shape. There are many instances where disasters can take place, compromising or losing important and crucial data. When this occurs, it is often hard to get the data back, or recover it from a compromised hard drive. In cases such as these, it is important to have a backup system in place to make sure that data is not lost. An employee accident, natural disaster, broken machinery, and theft are some of the major losses of data. By storing or replicating data, business owners can be sure that their major information is safe and secure. A particularly excellent software that deals with data backup and replication is Hyper-V Replication, or Hyper-V Replica.

Hyper-V Replication/Replica is a piece of software that runs off of the Windows Server 2012. It backs up and replications vital data by replicating VM (virtual machines). Any server workload that can be virtualized in Hyper-V can be replicated. Replication works over any ordinary IP-based network, and the replicated data can be encrypted during transmission. There are four components to the software: primary server, replica server, primary virtual machine, and replica virtual machine. The primary server is the server used through Windows Server 2012, with Hyper-V Replica enabled. It monitors the changes on the Virtual Machines’ VHD files with the help of the Replication Engine. The replica server runs on Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V role enabled in a disaster recovery site which accepts the replication packets from the primary server. Configured on the primary server is the primary virtual machine, which helps with replication. A copy of the primary virtual machine is also a component known as the replica virtual machine – this machine runs on the replica server and has backup copies attached to it which are used during the failover process.

When Hyper-V Replication/Replica is installed or used on a certain device, a process of initial replication occurs. This is an initial copy of the data from the primary virtual machines, and it must be sent to the replica virtual machines in order to be kept safe.

When replication is underway, changes in the primary virtual machines are transmitted over the network periodically to the Replica virtual machines – generally, each replication occurs approximately every 5-15 minutes. The good thing about Hyper-V Replication/Replica is that you have the ability to move whatever you are doing, the data you have compiled, from your primary virtual machine over to your replica virtual machine at any time. This process is referred to as ‘planned failover.’ Un-replicated changes are transferred to the replica virtual machine as to not lose any data, and the primary virtual machine is then shut down. The main workload is then on the replica virtual machine. This can be switched back to the primary virtual machine at any time. Should a disaster occur, whether natural or by the fault of employees or others, all of the data saved can be brought up on the replica virtual machine to use in lieu of the primary virtual machine.

There are many benefits that accompany Hyper-V Replication/Replica. Some of these benefits include: virtualized workloads can be failed over to the replica server, different hardware can be used for the primary and replica servers, it provides options for restoring virtual machines at the replica site to a backup copy, provides encryption and data compression when replicating virtual machine data to the replica site, and much more.

Finding the right software to back up important data and information is crucial. The data that is contained within an organization is what makes it run properly. Contained within such data is confidential information – any leakage or compromising of this information could spell big trouble for a business. To ensure that all data is safe and secure, a system such as Hyper-V Replication/Replica is very necessary. There are many hosting providers that also support this type of software, and can help you in your search for data protection. Sometimes this software can be packaged into a bundle, or sold separately. has an excellent industry reputation and can help you with your Hyper-V Replication needs and more.


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