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Hybrid Cloud Storage : Taking Business To the Next Level

By September 18, 2013Cloud Servers

hybrid cloudThose who own or run large corporations often choose to use cloud computing. Cloud computing involves a large number of computers being connected through a real-time communication network such as the internet. There are two types of clouds: public cloud and private cloud. A public cloud, also known as an external cloud, is hosted by a third-party provider. You receive all of your resources from this third-party, and are billed according to a utility computing basis. A private cloud, also known as an internal cloud, is hosted within the company using it, and is shared amongst other employees, but not with the public. Some argue that this allows for greater safety of data, the ability to maintain one’s own networking, and dissolves reliability issues.

While there are two types of clouds, there are actually three cloud computing options. The third one is a hybrid cloud. A hybrid cloud is a mixture of both public and private clouds. This cloud consists of multiple internal and/or external providers, which is the most typical structure for most corporations. When choosing between the three options, hybrid cloud storage is going to provide more benefits.

Hybrid cloud storage options provide many of the options that public and private clouds bring to the table. This type of storage is used to supplement internal storage with public cloud storage. However, even though it uses some public elements, it is really quite secure. And really, the structure of the hybrid cloud is no different than public or private cloud storage in that it offers reliability, scalability, and self-service options. There are many other benefits of hybrid storage, such as agility, decreased maintenance and purchase of other devices, disaster recovery, and cost efficiency. Because of the elasticity within the hybrid cloud, the storage potential is unlimited. There will also not be a need for multiple devices in which to store your data in, as the hybrid cloud is able to do all of that, thus decreasing the cost of maintenance and purchasing. Within the cloud is also the option for disaster recovery – if any type of disaster should happen, you can always obtain your data from the cloud. And last, but certainly not least, is the low cost of maintaining your hybrid cloud. When you host through a hybrid cloud, you only pay for the storage you need. provides all of these benefits and more. With our cloud hosting solutions, including hybrid cloud storage, we give you the opportunity to free up the funds needed for other areas of your business by eliminating challenges dealing with licenses, expensive equipment, and over-worked IT personnel and resources. Instead, we take care of all of this for you. Apart from saving money, make the move to the cloud is relatively easy – we provide virtual Linux or Windows Server 2012 infrastructure, and offer free consultation and support from our team as you transition your company. We take your business seriously, which is why we offer unique and customized options that are going to fit your business’s needs. No more paying for things you don’t need – spend your money on something that’s going to benefit your organization and only pay for what you use. For companies that don’t require consulting, and have their minds made up and are ready to go can easily contact us for hybrid cloud computing registration. We make it a habit to have your set-up completed the same day you order.

Our hybrid cloud storage solutions are fit for anyone and everyone. Whether your business is big or small, we have the right options for you. Everyone wants cost effectiveness, scalability and security. With the ability to mix and match features from private and public clouds, you are able to create a customized solution just for you. You can move your resources from private to public storage as you see fit, and your storage will continue to grow with you, as the option to increase is always available. The option to choose what data goes into the public storage and what goes into the private allows you to manage your own security. Confidential and vital information will be kept safe as it should be.

When looking for hybrid cloud storage options, turn to for all of your needs – no one can serve you like us!


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