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How SAN Replication Can Benefit Your Company by Keeping it Successful

By September 18, 2013SAN replication

san replicationWhen it comes to your data, you want to have an extremely secure and reliable environment to store it in. The data within a company is what makes it run and ensures ongoing success. Without data, a company would simply be lost – client and employee files, statistics, statements and other vital documents are sacred. So what happens when a natural or other disaster occurs which wipes out all of the data a company has put together over the years? Chaos. Without the proper backup and replication tools, data simply has no chance of surviving. This is why it is important for all business owners to invest in a form of SAN (Storage Area Network) replication and backup solutions.

SAN replication is often included in many SAN backup packages, at least the ones that are available from At our company, we make sure to provide you with flexible and efficient packages that are created to give your data the utmost protection. Our SAN backup package allows users to keep their data safe, secure and accessible. Your SAN is basically a system of devices that are connected to your computer system. The devices work to replicate all of your data and store it. With SAN backup, you can be sure your data is more than protected. With the almost instant movement of data, this solution will provide an immediate increase in efficiency within your company.

SAN replication and backup works to protect you from even the most unheard of disasters; stolen or damaged computers, an earthquake, fire, tsunami – you name it. Whatever comes, we have a fix for it. No matter how bad the situation may seem, you can rest assured knowing that your data is backed up and secure.

Besides its data-saving properties, SAN replication and backup is very flexible and scalable. There’s no need to choose a certain amount of memory based on a guestimate of what your company many need and how much growth you predict in the next while. This solution will grow with your company, allowing for more devices to be added if you should need more storage space. We know how hard it can be to make a decision right on the spot without any knowledge of future events, which is why we are proud to provide you with a full range of flexibility.

When you choose to implement SAN replication and backup, you are also freeing up and speeding up your networks. Because it is centralized, a larger number of users can access the data without your network experiencing lag and downtime. This is important because many employees may need to access files for clients at the same time, and if the network is slowed, the time in which they are able to help the customer will decrease. But, with this data storage solution, customers will be satisfied with the speed in which they are provided with service.

SAN backup comes with two steps: SAN replication and archiving. In order for all of your data to be kept safe and secure, it must first be replicated and then archived. The main purpose of this solution is to protect against data loss and corruption. Files which have been compromised are no longer usable, and corruption can happen more often than one would think. There are many instances of infected e-mails being sent out with malware or viruses, and sometimes they aren’t easy to spot. Even whole parts of hardware can be compromised, whether through a malfunction or through infection. The good news is that without a backup solution, there’s still a chance your files can be saved; however, the bad news is that it could take weeks for your files to be back up and running, in which case your company may experience some down time, which can result in a loss of production and a loss of revenue. We know this isn’t an option for you, which is why we have created our SAN solutions to prepare you for the worst.

When choosing a proper storage solution, turn to We create our products based on the needs of our customers, which are all unique. Contact us today to find out how you can implement our flexible SAN replication and backup solutions today.

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