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Apple to Oranges

By September 17, 2012Hosted Exchange 2010 is located in sunny Miami, Florida where fruits of all variety are in abundance, from mangos to oranges, but none are as tantalizing and sought after as a shipment of Apples. I am not referring to the Granny Smith or the Fuji variety but a new product shipment from The Apple Company.  Such as the latest anticipated product release the IPhone 5; which is expected to debut at the end of this month.

The pre IPhone5 chatter reveals that the new features are as grand as the hype surrounding the smart phone. Some features to look forward to: the IPhone5 stands a stately 4 inches tall and 20% thinner than previous versions.  This allows for more room for another row of apps (money makers), of course. The new A6 chip technology will multiply the speed without draining the battery life.  The screen image is more pristine than ever with at pixel count of 326 pixels per inch – so dense a single pixel can’t be viewed by the naked eye.

While IPhone enthusiasts, myself included, anticipate the latest exciting “fruit” of Apple’s labor. Rest assured that if you are a Microsoft Exchange user you will be able to access your account with a simple set up allowing you to check your emails on your new phone free of charge.

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