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Hosted SharePoint 2010 Sharing Success with Businesses

By June 10, 2013SharePoint 2010

There are very few job positions that don’t require a person to collaborate with coworkers at some point. Companies thrive off of the various ideas and opinions that employees have to offer, and when you combine all of them into one project, the results are bound to be both creative and successful. While collaboration can produce some pretty spectacular visions, it can be hard to herd everyone into the same room and expect them to have the exact same schedules. This is where Hosted SharePoint 2010 comes in. The technology allows teams to stay connected at just the click of your mouse.

Coworkers will be able to collaborate more effectively with Hosted SharePoint 2010. As time goes on, offices are becoming less traditional and more technological. Collaboration and communication through the means of technology is becoming a popular trend, and can thank ever-growing software hosting programs for its success. Hosted SharePoint 2010 allows team members to have easy access to documents, people and information that is crucial for project completion, without having to meet in person against busy schedules and strict deadlines. Businesses will be happy to know that their employees are still productive even if they aren’t in the office.

Hosted SharePoint is not just for group collaboration, however. The technology also works for those wanting to manage content and business processes, enable informed decisions, and simplify how people share information across boundaries. With all of these features, individuals can create SharePoint websites that can be accessed throughout the organization. offers an eye-catching deal for their Hosted SharePoint 2010. With their bundle, they include 5 users, 1 GB storage, an SSL certificate, and their own expert support team ready to assist you should any problems arise. They also have an option to bundle with Hosted Email Exchange, which would save you 16% on your entire purchase.

By purchasing Hosted SharePoint 2010, your company will not only be able to allow its employees to collaborate effectively and efficiently, but it will also be able to save money that might have been spent on training courses and maintenance fees.

When you choose Hosted SharePoint 2010 with, you are not only gaining a great product, but also reliability and security. This will allow your company to create its own intranet, share and locate information quickly and easily, have IT resources readily available, create websites and allow teams to collaborate, set up a broadcasting system, and much more.

Companies will also be happy to know that with’s Hosted SharePoint 2010, they will only have to pay a simple per-user monthly fee. With this, businesses will get 1 GB of storage per account, one resource mailbox per account, one public folder per account, e-mail support, online support, enterprise-level mobility options, disaster recovery, and virus/spam filtering courtesy of’s own virus and spam filtering service.

When business owners choose Hosted SharePoint 2010 with, they can rest assured that your business’s productivity and usability will surely increase, making everyone’s job easier.

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