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Explaining Virtual Private Server Hosting

When opting for virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), the client is choosing an option that offers an ideal compromise between dedicated hosting services and shared hosting services. VPS hosting entails websites hosted in the same physical equipment while allowing for individual websites to operate as fully independent entities, as if they were hosted on separate machines. There are many aspects of virtual private hosting that are more beneficial than shared hosting, and the following discussion will take these benefits in turn.

Virtual private server hosting eliminates many of the issues of shared servers, as actions taken on one machine, installing software for example, will not affect other independent machines. With shared hosting servers, one site crashing means that the server as a whole could crash as well, whereas a private server would protect other equipment and sites from the system failures of one. In addition, shared hosting could cause high traffic from one site to cause a delay or inaccessibility for other connected sites, where VPS hosting allocates certain resources to certain sites and equipment that are unaffected by the resource consumption of other sites.

When an individual or business signs up for ‘free web hosting’ or ‘unlimited hosting’, generally this is referring to a shared hosting platform, where server storage is shared with other users. The reason that shared hosting is so affordable, is that the server is shared by so many users, however there are pitfalls associated with this. When a server is shared among many users, all the files and site information that uses this server are left exposed to the other users; privacy and security will be automatically lessened with shared servers. Unlike virtual private server hosting, shared hosting means that one user’s error is felt by all who use the server. To mitigate this error proliferation, many shared server hosts have taken away the self-authorization of users to run their own programs on the server, thereby reducing the chances of user errors affecting others. Unfortunately, the ramifications of this action are that businesses and other individuals (such as programmers), who need to run their own programs, cannot do so with a shared platform. The amount it would cost for these businesses and individuals to then purchase a separate dedicated server would be far more than opting for a private server host in the first place.

The ideal clientele for the virtual private server hosting option are those who want security and customized freedom for a lower cost than a single dedicated server. VPS hosting allows users to maintain the level of independence and privacy of a dedicated server while not paying the high price associated with it. Small businesses stand to gain a particular benefit from using private server hosting, as many cannot afford dedicated servers, yet cannot risk the data exposure to other users, or the potential for server errors caused by external sources. Small businesses can convert any of their existing hosted servers into VPS and immediately see significant savings on server management, physical office space, power, and dedicated hosting costs. Businesses can create virtual clusters and private networks to maintain security and privacy, without the substantial cost that dedicated hardware would levy. Small business owners know that every chance to save on costs matters, particularly when a business is expanding.

For the average business owner, one’s website and power needs are such that unlimited power and the associated costs are not needed. Although for larger corporations who have capital to burn, a dedicated server with a larger power recourse would be ideal; for most businesses this is far more than required. Most websites do not require a dedicated server to maintain operation, and a virtual private server hosting option is the best alternative. For if a business does indeed outgrow the power resources a VPS can offer, this hosting is completely flexible and upgrades can be easily obtained. This is much more cost effective than opting for the more expensive option and not utilizing the power and resources it come with; this amounts to wasted money, which is undesirable in the business world.    When choosing the right hosting option for your business or individual endeavors, consider choosing a virtual private server hosting option. For any small to medium sized webpage needs, this serves at the best of both worlds; the cost effectiveness of a public server and the flexibility and privacy of a dedicated server. When looking for hosting services, provides multiple options that are reliable and affordable.

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