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Why develop a disaster recovery solution?

By July 25, 2014Disaster Recovery

vmware disaster recovery planningClimate change will create huge challenges for small and mid-sized businesses due to the increased frequency of tropical storms, such as hurricanes and typhoons. Businesses therefore should be prepared to develop workable, well-thought-out disaster recovery plans.

In the case of a hurricane, businesses must be prepared to endure lost sales or revenues and prolonged closure.  Businesses should also expect customer and employee issues along with supply chain disruptions, due to a lack of power and mobility, created by the emergency situation.

Small business owners affected by previous hurricanes have identified key recommendations for those concerned about future disasters.  They suggest that organizations should formulate detailed business contingency plans, review property insurance coverage, invest in a generator and back up important records.

Backing up records is an absolute essential for any business. provides disaster recovery services to ensure that critical data backup occurs on a regular basis.  With IT backup and disaster recovery services, businesses can ensure that “foundational” data kept in electronic format, including accounting and tax records, remain secure, even if brick-and-mortar locations are flooded out, otherwise inaccessible, or without power.

The replication technology employed by ensures that critical data integral to business operation are continually copied to the service provider’s data center.  Once data is replicated, a business can perform active or passive recoveries on demand in the case of an actual disaster, or test their backup data to ensure its “restorability”. also provides a range of individualized business continuity planning services. The service provider’s offerings feature a number of options, providing a high level of flexibility to choose from, which include customizable solutions suited to unique requirements.  The most obvious option that a business should first elect to undertake is a disaster recovery plan.

Effective disaster recovery plans that provide focus on three priorities: prevention, detection and correction. These priorities ensure the integrity and security of both business processes and data. Preventative measures aim towards mitigating a harmful event from happening. The purpose of detective measures is to discover any problems and deal with them immediately. Corrective measures focus on restoring a system to its original functionality and integrity. recommends the development of a disaster recovery plan because it ensures that there are processes and procedures in place that will keep a business functioning and productive in a hurricane scenario.

Miami, being the headquarters for, makes the company a perfect selection for your disaster recovery solution.  With Florida being intermittently subject to storms, has made disaster recovery a key component of its service offerings.  The combination of both a disaster recovery plan from, along with IT backup and disaster recovery services, therefore makes a tremendous amount of sense.

Business continuity really represents the continuity of an organization and its employee’s livelihoods. The selection of a quality disaster recovery solution will give your firm an enhanced chance to survive against failure caused by natural disaster.

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