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Defining Server Data Replication

Server Data ReplicationData has undoubtedly become one of the most important currencies of the business world. Data not only is used by organizations to gain a strategic advantage over competitors, it is now used as a commodity that can be bought and sold to make a profit. With an increased number of companies relying on technological solutions, data security is increasingly important, especially when it comes to the data that is hosted on your company server. Therefore, companies need to have an effective server data replication process in place to ensure that their data is protected in case your server goes down or an external threat inhibits your ability to access your server.

Why you need server data replication

Server data replication is important for a variety of reasons. No matter what type of server configuration you currently in place, there are certain threats that will always exist. This is what having a server data replication process in place. Companies need to be able to access data even when their main server is not accessible.

Some of the threats that exist include:

  • A server crash: Server crashes happen and you need to be prepared to deal with them.
  • A hacking attack: Hacking continues to be one of the biggest threats to companies as more data and information is hosting online on servers.
  • Malware attack: Malware is always a threat to servers. If you server is affected, you need to isolate it. Having a server data replication process in place still allows you to access the data you need to operate your business.
  • Human errors: This is more common than you think. Human error occurs all the time, especially when multiple users have access to your servers. Data replication ensures that you have a clean copy of data at all times.
  • Power outage: You never know when the power could go out and impact your ability to access your server.
  • Data theft: Cyber criminals are always attempting to steal data and information. This is why it is vital to have a server data replication process in place if your company host confidential and important information on your company server.

The information and data that you have on your server needs to be protected and available and this is why server data replication is such an important factor in your recovery plan. When server data replication processes are in place, your company can take peace of mind in knowing that your data will be protect and accessible at all times.

Benefits of Server Data Replication

Server data replication plans offer companies a variety of benefits to the organization. The following takes a look at data replication benefits in general:

  1.   Data verification: An effective server data replication solution allows for frequent and accurate data backup. This could include reporting of verified data and making it easy for users to verify data on the backup server.
  2. Fault tolerance: Accidents happen and errors are bound to occur. You never know when something can go wrong, a file can get corrupted, or a user can make and error that will affect the data that is hosted on your server. Server data replication minimizes the impact by ensuring that the error is isolated and a clean version of the data exists elsewhere.
  3. Business continuity: This is perhaps the most important benefit of server data verification. When data is replicated, your company is protected and prepared to handle many different situations. Now more than ever, you need to be prepared to continue to do business in wake of a variety of circumstances including disaster situations such as server crashes, power outages, and many other circumstances that required you to access backup data to operate your business.
  4. Load balancing: Server data replication can also help to effectively balancing the load that is placed on your servers. Depending on your network configuration, you can better balancing the load of traffic that needs to access the main server data and the server with the replicated data.


Server data replication is a vital tool for companies of all sizes. It is a backup process that will ensure that companies can continue to engage in “business as usual” even if a disaster occurs and prevents companies from accessing their server and other computing resources.

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