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Create Your Own Minecraft Server with Jelastic and Docker

By November 1, 2016Java, Jelastic, Minecraft

Jelastic Minecraft Private ServerMinecraft – that’s all my 7 year old nephew talks about. We purchased him the XBox One version for his birthday, before realizing that we could create our own private Minecraft server using Jelastic, a simple manifest and a Docker Container

So what is Minecraft? Apparently it’s “COOL”, incredibly popular (for all ages) with more than 100 millions user around the world.  Minecraft offers a massive variety of maps, mods and extensions in an endless virtual custom world.

In order to set up our own server, we used a pre-configured JPS package, that deploys your private Minecraft server to Jelastic Cloud – in no time.  In addition, we will show you how to establish a connection to your private server via a Minecraft game client.

Benefits of Running your own Minecraft Server

By creating your own Minecraft server, you can ensure that you won’t be sharing a JVM, CPU or any other resources. There are no limitations with regard to the disc size, bandwidth and RAM and you can manage the mods and plugins for your server. If you’re sharing resources, as with any shared environment, your Minecraft instance can be crippled, based on load spikes and the number of users online. By creating your own server, it allows for an increased number of player slots, which means that you can grow and promote a larger community – which you have full control over.  You are the master architect of your Minecraft server. And you can access it anytime.

And, deployed to Jelastic – it’s blazingly FAST and you only pay for the resources consumed.

So let’s get started. This should take less than 10 minutes.

Create a Minecraft Server

The Jelastic Minecraft Server package, has all of the required configurations. It will automatically deploy the latest itzg/minecraft-server Docker image version into an isolated container within a separate environment and adjust accordingly based on usage.

  • Login to your Jelastic account at, or create a 14 day free trial.
  • Select the Import button at the top of the page.


  • Paste the following link into the URL section of the opened Import frame.

import manifest JPS

  • Click Import to download and execute this manifest.
  • Within the automatically opened installation frame, click on the terms of service hyperlink to read through the Minecraft end-user license agreement and tick the corresponding checkbox.

create minecraft environment

Next, complete the required environment data:

  • Environment – domain name for your personal Minecraft server
  • Display nameenvironment alias to be displayed at dashboard (optional)

Click Install to host your personal Minecraft server at Jelastic.

  • In a few minutes, you’ll be notified about the successful package installation.

success open minecraft in browser

Your personal Minecraft server is ready and working now, so you can Open in browser to navigate the start page, which has the server info you need.

Within a new tab, all the dedicated information on your personal Minecraft server will be displayed, including the exact Minecraft version it’s running (we have highlighted it in green).

Jelastic Minecraft server page

Well done! You have created your personal Minecraft server. Now, let’s see how to connect to it within the game launcher so that you can start playing.

Below, you can find a quick tutorial on how to connect to your Minecraft server via a local game client.

Tip: Subsequently, you can easily redeploy a Docker image to seamlessly update your Minecraft server to the latest version without re-creating the whole environment and keeping all of your custom data safe within the appropriate volumes.

Connect to your Minecraft Server

To play the game, you need to purchase Minecraft at the official website and install the Minecraft client on your local computer.

Minecraft for Windows

Minecraft for MAC OS X

Minecraft for Linux

When this is done, follow these steps:

  • In order to establish connection to your custom server, the Minecraft launcher should run the same game version as was deployed inside your Jelastic environment (i.e. the latest one). 
  • Open the Minecraft client on your local machine and click the Edit profile button.

edit profile check version

  • Within the opened settings frame, ensure that the stated Use version is the same as your hosted server runs (it can be checked by clicking the Open in browser button for your environment – the used Minecraft release will be shown within the page header):

minecraft use version

Tip: If this setting isn’t set properly and your personal Minecraft server version differs from the local one, it will be displayed as strikeout when establishing a connection. If this happens, you’ll need to recheck and change the used game version within the above highlighted field.
  • Click Save profile to apply the changes and return to launcher main page.

Next, start Minecraft with the Play button and select the Multiplayer option.

minecraft multiplayer

Switch to either Direct Connect (for one time connection) or Add Server (to remember your choice).

direct connect or add server

Add Server – In the opened window, you’ll need to set your personal Minecraft server details.

minecraft add server

Complete the fields with the following data:

  • Server Name – the name to be displayed for your server within your game client
  • Server Address – add – this URL is for connecting to your personal Minecraft server, without a protocol identificator. The appropriate endpoint is automatically added to your Jelastic cloud server during installation.
Tip: This URL is sent to you via email after the Minecraft cloud server installation. It can also be found at the server start page (accessible via the Open in browser button next to the appropriate container at your Jelastic dashboard):

Click Done to save changes and connect to your own Minecraft server.

Minecraft game live personal server

And it’s as simple as that! Your private Minecraft server allows you to play anytime and anywhere with your friends and the best part – by your rules.

Sign up now for a 14-day free trial and create your Minecraft server.

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